USA Today - Dec 3 2019

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Clues Answers
'From Prada to ___' NADA
'I wish you would!' TRYME
'Star Wars: Episode IX' title word RISE
'Tell. Me. Everything!' SPILL
'We have decided to ___ forever' (superfan's declaration) STAN
'We should touch base' LETSTALK
'___ Miserables' LES
'___ Shark' (children's song) BABY
A meticulous person might pick one NIT
Acquire GET
Attempt STAB
Bagel fish LOX
Berry native to Brazil ACAI
Bit of cannon fodder at a sporting event TSHIRT
Boardroom figure, for short EXEC
Bottle being GENIE
Bread from a tandoor NAAN
Champion of a cause ADVOCATE
Chance at an Oscar, for short NOM
Chess ending MATE
City in Oregon or Massachusetts SALEM
Coin in Spain EURO
Dearie HON
Expressway, e.g ROAD
Golfer's pegs TEES
GPS suggestion ROUTE
Headpiece for a princess TIARA
High marks at a ball TENS
Hung on to KEPT
Incur a bleep CUSS
Iowa State University city AMES
Laundry quantity LOAD
League of ___ States ARAB
Like ___ of bricks ATON
Love, in telenovelas AMOR
Midwestern city nicknamed 'The Little Apple' MANHATTANKANSAS
Model Holliday TESS
Clues Answers
Name that means 'beauty' JAMAL
Naomie or Emmylou HARRIS
Organ offerer DONOR
Overcame friction SLID
Part of a door or a drawer KNOB
Pointy-eared fantasy creatures ELVES
Practice-fight SPAR
Programming language with a coffee logo JAVA
Provide percussion by hand SNAP
Pub projectile DART
Publicly trans, say OUT
Remove from power OUST
Remove in Photoshop ERASE
Reverberate ECHO
Revise EDIT
Roomba, for one ROBOT
Samantha Bee channel TBS
Site of a Monteggia fracture ULNA
Skeletal BONY
Slow creature SNAIL
Slows the bike down BRAKES
Small amount of hot sauce DAB
Songs sung by divas ARIAS
Sorority founded at Howard in 1908 ALPHAKAPPAALPHA
Specter GHOST
Spot of moral uncertainty GRAYAREA
Start of a palindrome about a waterway AMANAPLANACANAL
Stories TALES
Tech giant APPLE
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
They worshipped Quetzalcoatl AZTECS
They're sealed for secrecy LIPS
Tip jar's contents CASH
Two ___ time ATA
Unloads frustration VENTS
Vote into office ELECT
Where Wings and Mavs ball DALLAS