USA Today - Dec 2 2019

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Clues Answers
'Be ___!' PATIENT
'Big yikes' YEESH
'Female version of a hustla,' per Beyonce DIVA
'Kung Fu Panda' voice Liu LUCY
'Loved it!' FIVESTARS
'Pet' annoyance PEEVE
'Sounds right' IBET
'That is correct' INDEED
'To All the Boys ___ Loved Before' IVE
'Uh-uh, sorry' AFRAIDNOT
'Yes, pastor!' AMEN
Abominable snowman YETI
Adhesive in a roll TAPE
Attractive HOT
Bad to the bone EVIL
Bag-securing accessory CLIP
Berry or Bailey of acting HALLE
By itself ALONE
Cacophony from frogs CROAKS
Causing scratching ITCHY
Close relatives of humans, DNA-wise APES
Collette of 'Knives Out' TONI
Color-changing additives DYES
Congressperson's creation BILL
Corner chess piece ROOK
Decepticon in disguise CAR
Dominican Republic neighbor HAITI
Exclamation after a proposal HESAIDYES
Fizzy brown drink COLA
Frequent flyers' documents PASSPORTS
Garden pest APHID
Genre for The Selecter SKA
Grad school goal PHD
Grape plant VINE
Headed up LED
Highest point PEAK
Hoops star Tiffany HAYES
Hudson of 'Ghostbusters' ERNIE
Clues Answers
Hummus dipper PITA
Informed TOLD
Instrument related to the cor anglais OBOE
Judge DEEM
Kanga's kid, in Milne ROO
Keller on the Alabama state quarter HELEN
L, in an elevator LOBBY
Ladder steps RUNGS
Large amount TON
Like some albums LIVE
Like well-defined muscles TONED
Lose on purpose THROW
Moved very carefully EASED
Movie release format DVD
Part of some scholarships STIPEND
Pillow construction FORT
Poem that might be 'to' or 'on' ODE
Pre-holiday nights EVES
Prefix for 'sailing' or 'gliding' PARA
Puzzle help HINTS
Rival FOE
Rumspringa participants AMISH
School reunion attendee, for short ALUM
Slight colorings TINTS
Sound of a rotten tomato's impact SPLAT
Spanish for 'nothing' NADA
Stage of a video game LEVEL
Starting point in golf TEE
Stored-value purchase PREPAIDCARD
Susses out DEDUCES
Taxi strike subject UBER
Three-pronged spear TRIDENT
Tool holder BELT
Uses needle and thread SEWS
Very good PRIMO
Waffle House alternative IHOP
Word before 'pea' or after 'banana' SPLIT
Zero people NOONE
___ pole (sacred carving) TOTEM