The Sun - Two Speed - Oct 10 2019

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Clues Answers
Acknowledge deferred payment CREDIT
African country GHANA
Albatross or Eagle? Yes and no! BIRDIE
Arctic rocks unmoved ice-cold
Assertively masculine MACHO
Being broadcast on air
Boring god with emotionless face DEADPAN
Butch Chinese leader outside church MACHO
Career on the line? CALLING
Chopin or Liszt e.g PIANIST
Coastal road announced comes to port BEIRUT
Courtyard PATIO
Cruel PM creates collapse CRUMPLE
Division SEGMENT
Do away with ELIMINATE
Effigy IMAGE
Expressionless DEADPAN
Frozen ice-cold
Golf score BIRDIE
Happening EVENT
How heat might knock one out? ELIMINATE
Key player? PIANIST
Lebanese capital BEIRUT
Lover dropped large case EXAMPLE
Max ---, surrealist painter ERNST
Meeting original sinner, not heartless EVENT
Clues Answers
Muffled MUTED
Mutt without tail has news boss in faint MUTED
Nuts about French pal giving wave TSUNAMI
Old priest from Chapelizod ELI
Once around track mate reversed LAP
One unfinished tune live in studio on air
Paved area laid in occupation PATIO
Picture that is covering periodical IMAGE
Portion from these G-men too SEGMENT
Preamble (informal) INTRO
Racing circuit LAP
Recognition CREDIT
Search through an area for this land? GHANA
Seismic sea wave TSUNAMI
Setter wandering in road STREET
Some Elgin troops opening passage INTRO
Some porridge or diet for northerner? GEORDIE
Something different: free trade with Peru DEPARTURE
Specimen EXAMPLE
Talmud prophet ELI
Taunt or bait TEASE
This artist could be stern ERNST
Thoroughfare STREET
Transport halt bus stop
Tynesider (informal) GEORDIE
Vessels below sent back find embarkation point bus stop
Vocation CALLING
Wind up in Harrogate as example TEASE