USA Today - Oct 10 2019

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Clues Answers
'Rocky IV' villain Drago IVAN
'Woe is me!' ALAS
Andre who married Steffi Graf AGASSI
Artistic parody PASTICHE
Aspiring frat member RUSHEE
Assault on Troy, e.g SIEGE
Big goon APE
Big name in printers EPSON
Bird with a complex song WREN
Black-bordered bios OBITS
Blow it ERR
Bret who chronicled Poker Flat HARTE
Brooding bird HEN
Can't-miss proposition SUREBET
Carriage-pulling equine COACHHORSE
Castaway's home ISLE
Chang, to Eng TWIN
Cheap digs for travelers YOUTHHOSTEL
Chili morsel BEAN
Christmas tree candies CANES
Clear of data ERASE
Coiled brass instrument FRENCHHORN
Color chart components HUES
Decides on, with 'for' OPTS
Delicate, like a teacup DAINTY
Derby postings ODDS
Equestrian's handful REIN
Exam by committee ORAL
FedEx competitor UPS
Full of excitement ENTHUSED
Grillmaster's garment APRON
Guitarist Allman DUANE
Haspel of the CIA GINA
Have overdue bills OWE
Having the know-how ABLE
Hoity-toity manner AIRS
Home to clergy PARISHHOUSE
Italian wine city ASTI
Clues Answers
Ladybug's prey APHID
Law office worker, briefly PARA
Like hardcore fans AVID
Many an eel pie eater BRIT
Met offering OPERA
Mole, to a suburbanite PEST
Most student drivers TEENS
Much of the Earth's core IRON
Pier support PILE
Pocket fuzz LINT
Put on the housing market LIST
Rail at a dance school BARRE
Remini of 'The Talk' LEAH
Sahara formation SANDDUNE
Sculler's need OAR
Shale extract OIL
Small gridiron gain ONEYARD
Some splinter groups SECTS
Start the kitty ANTE
Stick together firmly COHERE
Subtle vibe AURA
Summoned, in a way RANG
Super, in showbiz lingo BOFFO
Takes a stab at TRIES
Talk nonsense PRATE
Talk trash about BASH
Taylor boy of early TV OPIE
The absolute pits AWFUL
Toss in ADD
Traffic-jam pace CRAWL
Travel in a trimaran SAIL
Trophy or plaque AWARD
United Arab Emirates capital ABUDHABI
Vader of 'Star Wars' DARTH
Via Veneto auto FIAT
Visibility hamperer FOG
Vivid, as crayons NEON
Wired on caffeine, perhaps EDGY
Zoom or fisheye LENS