Universal - Oct 9 2019

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Clues Answers
"Let's call ___ draw" ITA
"No ifs, ___ or buts!" ANDS
"Oh well" TOOBAD
"Sly" animals FOXES
"Walden" writer Henry David THOREAU
"Winning ___ everything" ISNT
%: Abbr PCT
*Couch go-with OTTO
*Issuing forth EATING
*Italian fashion house ARI
*Official order DATE
*Oversees AGES
*Plants used in rituals DRAKES
*Plummer or Bynes ADA
*Sends back, in court REDS
1919 World Series runners-up, informally THEBLACKSOX
1988 film about 17-Across, and a hint to the starred clues EIGHTMENOUT
65-Across, alternatively AINT
Actor McGregor EWAN
Architect Maya LIN
Bangkok language THAI
Batman voice Will ARNETT
Be unable to stomach LOATHE
Biblical land CANAAN
Big name in talks TED
Blessing-curse connector ORA
Discomfort UNEASE
Double-helix molecule DNA
Drone registration org FAA
Enterprise letters USS
Environmentalist's prefix ECO
Footwear company named for an antelope REEBOK
Freaks out PANICS
Get away ESCAPE
Get ready for a drive, in golf TEEUP
Glittery holiday strips TINSEL
Go on a tirade RANT
Guiding principle CREDO
Historical records ANNALS
Clues Answers
Indian language HINDI
Ladder step RUNG
Latvia's continent EUROPE
Leave in a hurry FLEE
Like muscles after doing CrossFit, perhaps ACHY
Like some scotch OAKY
Lymph ___ (immune system parts) NODES
Maturation GROWTH
Name hidden in "online dating" NED
Neighbor of Belgium: Abbr GER
Of ocean movements TIDAL
Oz. and kg WTS
Partners' possessive OUR
Poems of admiration ODES
Puts a jinx on HEXES
Rights org. co-founded by Helen Keller ACLU
Rubber ducky's place TUB
School day division PERIOD
Scotch on the ___ ROCKS
Some appliances GES
Soothed CALMED
Speakers brand BOSE
Stained by a pen, say INKY
Super ___ (classic console) NES
Tallest U.S. president LINCOLN
Tennis star Rafael NADAL
They secrete GLANDS
Toy brick LEGO
Trace around OUTLINE
Unpredictable way to go ROGUE
Vancouver Canucks' org NHL
Verdi princess AIDA
Very soft mineral TALC
Visual palindrome EYE
Windows file extension EXE
Word after "frat" or "tech" BRO
Zero NIL
___ Punk ("Around the World" duo) DAFT
___ Rizzo ("Midnight Cowboy" role) RATSO