The Sun - Two Speed - Oct 9 2019

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Clues Answers
Amusing monarch brewed ale that's dark FUNEREAL
Area near ship that's extremely deep ABYSS
Bird embracing artist's attribute TRAIT
Characteristic TRAIT
Cheese fine with spicy tea FETA
Correspond AGREE
Cosy upholstered item easy chair
Deep chasm ABYSS
Deny Geordie crowd? NEGATE
Dessert starch SAGO
Detective (informal) SLEUTH
Doctor helps at mountain range the alps
Edward (informal) TED
Elite afternoon repast? cream tea
European peaks the alps
Fight is in balance RESIST
Giants OGRES
Greek dairy product FETA
Idle, and done with credit? tick over
Investigator whacked in hustle SLEUTH
Mad mascot hard to bear STOMACH
Make off ABSCOND
Match found in sea green AGREE
Meal with scones cream tea
Meaty item in mail as ordered SALAMI
Clues Answers
Monsters in gorse moving about OGRES
Notice English agent ESPY
Nullify or disprove NEGATE
Observe ESPY
Old talk up sweet pudding SAGO
Performing well: worker in grass INFORMANT
Poems on South African port ODESSA
Portrayal ROLE
Procedure satisfied brick carrier METHOD
Religious woman NUN
Run slowly tick over
Sailors trick duke, skip town ABSCOND
Save Tory shot in court CONSERVE
Short man in acute distress TED
Simple job for professor to find seat easy chair
Sister some Unitarian Universalist NUN
Spicy sausage SALAMI
Tactless remark about Irish beast GIRAFFE
Tall quadruped GIRAFFE
Tolerate (informal) STOMACH
Turn on radio for part played ROLE
Ukrainian city ODESSA
Way or system METHOD
Withstand RESIST