The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8091

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Clues Answers
Among other things inter alia
Anger, rage IRE
Angry; intersect CROSS
Bed clothing (W, not G) NIGHTWEAR
Cables; telegrams WIRES
Covered in slabs PAVED
Eagle's nest EYRIE
Failure to turn up non-appearance
Fits (with) ALIGNS
Get to; extent REACH
Intention; point AIM
Internal organs VISCERA
Item of headgear Panama hat
Clues Answers
Not man-made NATURAL
Object of terror BUGBEAR
Old Testament book NUMBERS
Restricted LIMITED
School group CLASS
Specialised part of a cell ORGANELLE
Take action against SUE
Thin tights NYLONS
Type of resin thermoplastic
Unit of heat THERM
Use needle and thread SEW
Version of a text EDITION
Wooden hut CABIN