- Oct 8 2019

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Clues Answers
''In your dreams!'' ASIF
''With this ring, I __ wed'' THEE
''Zip your lip!'' CANIT
Alternative to cash CREDIT
Astute attorney LEGALEAGLE
Back of the neck NAPE
Banquet platform DAIS
Be of use AVAIL
Bed frame plank SLAT
Bit of colorful chocolate candy MANDM
Burn with a hot liquid SCALD
Cain's younger brother ABEL
Child between 12 and 20 TEEN
Chimp, for instance APE
Chop into tiny bits MINCE
Close by, in poems NIGH
Commercials and billboards ADS
Congratulations KUDOS
Crawling insect that stings REDANT
Deepest, as feelings INMOST
Distress signal SOS
Eggnog spice NUTMEG
Enjoy fine food DINE
Ernie's Muppet roommate BERT
Farm fowl HEN
First blank on many forms NAME
Fishing rod spool REEL
Foolish one SILLYGOOSE
Forbidden things NONOS
From then on SINCE
Give the thumbs-up SAYYES
Handle adversity COPE
Hardly ever RARELY
Help in wrongdoing ABET
Holler YELL
Increased, as production RAMPEDUP
Joint above the ankle KNEE
Knocks firmly RAPS
Clues Answers
Landlord's documents LEASES
Lavish parties FETES
Like __ of bricks ATON
Long look GAZE
Majestic story EPIC
Marry secretly ELOPE
Matador opponent ELTORO
Modify ALTER
Motorists' org AAA
Nevada neighbor UTAH
Nothing at all ZERO
Of birds AVIAN
On the way out GOING
Online crafts site ETSY
Pay hike RAISE
Person you don't know STRANGER
Plumbing problem LEAK
Police informant STOOLPIGEON
Public perception IMAGE
Put in more film RELOAD
Reasonable SANE
Said, as a farewell BADE
Salon coloring TINT
Size bigger than med LGE
Snowy day toy SLED
Speck of land in the sea ISLE
Stain on a reputation STIGMA
Stolen property LOOT
Sty dwellers PIGS
Swim meet location POOL
Synagogue leader RABBI
Talks on and on GABS
Tech support caller USER
Thin coin DIME
Trees with cones PINES
Up, on most maps NORTH
Variety of cherry BING
Work hard TOIL
__ in there (persist) HANG