The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27476

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Clues Answers
Abnormal pieces, with tons for scrap ODDMENT
Bit of a literal interpretation of a musical based on Kipps? THREEPENCE
Brave face on prisoner CONFRONT
Clarinet playing Debussy’s last piece naturally CERTAINLY
Confectionery jar is where sportspersons like to get their hit sweet spot
Deep state formed phony MI6 HYPNOSIS
Dog that’s a boon, following bachelor BASSET
First class seed raised attractive plant NEMESIA
Go over one detailed description penned by National Trust INSPECT
House 1000 antelopes in areas of South Africa, once HOMELANDS
Immobility of passenger ship when line fails upset island INERTIA
Instruct boy about old passengers on a bus? COACHLOAD
Make later improvements to crumbling outer surfaces of church RETOUCH
Notwithstanding that used in medical practice METHOD
People working together 10am - noon? TEAM
Clues Answers
Polish round back for gemstone OPAL
Problems exist over European student mobility system ERASMUS
Prominent critic of game strip RUSKIN
Publication of record learning about United States in recession DISCLOSURE
Set loose without testing, right away UNTIED
Ship’s propeller with power supply trouble MAINSAIL
Skill of a doctor of fitness turning out fine female? ADROITNESS
Spy criminal taking hack at hotel? Norman Bates, perhaps PSYCHOPATH
Stern about editor that’s set up proof-corrector READER
Suspicion so continued over self-regarding youth NARCISSUS
This year’s upsetting panic HYSTERIA
Train? There’s one in a minute AIM
Unkind expelling European people in general MAN
Warning device in flight, say, is to get engaged in conflict lock horns
Where unwary beach holidaymaker’s food goes? Shut up INTERN