The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,175 - Oct 7 2019

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Clues Answers
A male aboard pilot ship STEAMER
Against having party in flat CONDO
Apricot tart contains soft cheese RICOTTA
Bum in boozer SPONGE
Courage shown by last in convoy in sound HEARTY
Deliberately ignore the alternative method after search LOOKTHEOTHERWAY
Great at manoeuvring in series of yacht races? REGATTA
Jack, deceitful man KNAVE
Knife fight about it upset student STILETTO
Not this dear French stateswoman THATCHER
Old man having part to play in prisoner's conditional release PAROLE
One feels queen should be repelled by insect ANTENNA
One responsible for arranging rare song, I suspect ORGANISER
Order to economise is to no avail USELESS
Clues Answers
Pair allowed in band BRACELET
Perhaps Ulster's best film TOPCOAT
Piece of furniture, one skirted by cleaner CHAIR
Provoke tense scaffolder? TRIGGER
Remark addressed to a back-seat driver that's double-edged? BELTUP
Representative turned up, ringing about a church minister PREACHER
Shock finding uniform inside streetcar, American TRAUMA
Spirit of leading investor ARCHANGEL
Star in East, twinkling, seen by chance ASTERISK
Theatrical company rented playhouse, finally full REPLETE
This may prove a comfort to one who's just retired ELECTRICBLANKET
Undergraduate ultimately failing to pass ELAPSE
Waterway shown in plan, a channel to the west CANAL
Whingers disconcerted US composer GERSHWIN