Wall Street Journal - Oct 7 2019 - I Get Around

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Clues Answers
“I wanna have a turn!” LEMME
“Piece of cake!” EASY
“That feels wonderful!” AAH
“That’s too bad” ALAS
“This puzzles me” IMATALOSS
1980s sitcom featuring an extraterrestrial ALF
Alarm clock toggle AMPM
Angler’s fishing lure ARTIFICIALFLY
Arrogant leader COCKOFTHEWALK
Braying beast ASS
Burdened down LADEN
Camel feature HUMP
Cardi B specialty RAP
Charged particle ION
Cheers for toreadors OLES
Chest bone RIB
Compensation from the labor union STRIKEPAY
Courtroom proceedings TRIALS
Curly-tailed Japanese dog AKITA
Enjoying a vacation OFF
Evening, in ads NITE
Female caribou DOE
Forage crop ALFALFA
Give a hoot CARE
Give help to AID
Golfer’s reservation TEETIME
Hardwood tree ASH
Healthy cabbage variety KALE
Hurdle for Ph.D. hopefuls GRE
In the least ATALL
In the past AGO
ISP owned by Verizon Media AOL
Item on a cop’s belt TASER
Lab procedures TESTS
Land in the water ISLE
Latvia, until 1991: Abbr SSR
Like many a dorm room MESSY
Macho guys HEMEN
Manning with two Super Bowl rings ELI
Clues Answers
Not fooled by ONTO
Not suitable INAPT
Number after uno DOS
One of the Brontë sisters ANNE
Orioles legend Ripken CAL
Part of a play ACT
Period in history ERA
Perlman of “Cheers” RHEA
Play with, kitten-style PAWAT
Portable storage device FLASHDRIVE
Positive energy GOODKARMA
Postal letters, colloquially SNAILMAIL
Red hue CERISE
Rice dish PILAF
Set of shows with a predetermined end date LIMITEDRUN
Sharp-tasting TART
Sheltered from the wind ALEE
Shows up COMES
Shrek’s sweetheart FIONA
Single-celled organism AMOEBA
Skeleton’s place? CLOSET
Slightly soggy DAMP
Some American workers PILOTS
Sportswear company founded in Italy FILA
Summer on the Seine ETE
Suspect’s defense ALIBI
Tax on imports TARIFF
Tennis court divider NET
The Hatfields, to the McCoys FOES
Thor or Odin GOD
Tibetan priests LAMAS
Tight-knit group CADRE
Unwanted inbox fillers SPAM
Warren Buffett’s city OMAHA
Watch one’s weight DIET
Weep SOB
Windblown pile of snow DRIFT
Wingtip’s tips TOES
___ up (excite) REV