- Oct 7 2019

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Clues Answers
''Filet of'' fish SOLE
''Moby-Dick'' captain AHAB
''Pear tree'' Christmas carol birds PARTRIDGES
''So long!'' TATA
''Uh-uh'' NAH
''What's __ for me?'' INIT
A Great Lake ERIE
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Ascend RISE
Aspirin tablet PILL
Avoid an F in class PASS
Be introduced to MEET
Celebration attendees PARTYGOERS
Cincinnati's state OHIO
Civil rights icon Parks ROSA
Couch in a den SOFA
Crisscross clothing pattern PLAID
Curved line ARC
Cuts off, as tree branches LOPS
Dig deeply DELVE
Discoloration on clothing STAIN
Donkeys ASSES
Drains of energy SAPS
Ensnare TRAP
Epic story SAGA
Extremely enthusiastic RABID
Father's Day month JUNE
Firm up, as muscles TONE
First part of a play ACTONE
Flower stalk STEM
Fortune-teller's __ cards TAROT
Fruit in Greek salads OLIVE
Fully awake ALERT
Gave temporarily LENT
Gives off, as steam EMITS
Golf course standard, the theme of the puzzle PAR
Harvesting machines REAPERS
Has an evening meal DINES
Hoarse-voiced RASPY
Clues Answers
Husband or wife SPOUSE
Mailed away SENT
Male pigs BOARS
Many months: Abbr YRS
Minor enough to excuse PARDONABLE
More than half of MOST
Neighborhood sandwich shop DELI
Norway's capital OSLO
Occupational suffix for auction EER
Office cubicle dividers PARTITIONS
Once more AGAIN
Org. for tooth pros ADA
Overly greasy OILY
Payment to a landlord RENT
Performer of illusions MAGICIAN
Place for wedding vows ALTAR
Press, as a doorbell RING
Regarding, in memos ASTO
Rejection of a request DENIAL
River blockage near a lumber mill LOGJAM
Season for harvesting FALL
Secluded valley GLEN
Shorthand taker, for short STENO
Solo in an opera ARIA
Sounds of church bells PEALS
Soup-cooking vessel POT
Special-interest grp ASSN
Stadium food seller VENDOR
Stadium squad that hosts visitors HOMETEAM
Taste, hearing, or sight SENSE
Three-legged stand TRIPOD
Throat tissues often ''taken out'' TONSILS
Tra-__ (singing sounds) LALA
Vicinity AREA
Volcano outflow LAVA
Wedding-cake layer TIER
Window curtain DRAPE
Without a companion ALONE