Canadiana - Oct 7 2019

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Clues Answers
Achievement FEAT
Actress, Gardner AVA
Aristotle to his friends ARI
Barrie Newspaper EXAMINER
Big fast jet SST
Cambridge Newspaper REPORTER
Carpenter's need NAIL
Close NEAR
Desert sanctuary OASIS
Distant YON
Drivel PAP
Eastern ruler EMIR
Euro Economic org EEC
Frank OPEN
French city DOUAI
Heart part AORTA
Help a law breaker ABET
Implore PRAY
IPA, and others ALES
Italian island ELBA
Like some batteries DEAD
Lindsay, for one TED
Mauna ___ LOA
No, arch NAY
Of iron FERRIC
Part of the verb "to be" ARE
Partner of downs, sometimes UPS
Patriot's target? SCUD
Plains Indian UTE
Political agendas PLATFORMS
Clues Answers
Popular sandwich HERO
Prairie Pool member FARMER
Promissory note IOU
Receptor EAR
Restaurant CAFE
Roasted in rouyn ROTIE
Sarnia Newspaper OBSERVER
Scout's master? TONTO
Sept and six follower in Tadousac IEME
Shade tree ELM
Simcoe newspaper REFORMER
Snapshot PHOTO
Soak RET
Squad TEAM
Stallion's mate MARE
Starchy root TARO
Stringed instrument LUTE
Surface a road PAVE
Taxis CABS
Tennis match parts SETS
The finish line TAPE
Thou _____protest too much DOEST
Torments RAGS
Totals ADDS
Vancouver time, abbr PST
Wildebeests GNUS
Without emotion STOICALLY
__ ___ mode ALA
____ de Cologne EAU