Jonesin' - Oct 8 2019

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Clues Answers
'Baby Driver' actor Ansel ELGORT
'Because Freedom Can't Protect Itself' org ACLU
'Ghostbusters' character EGON
'Go on! Git!' SCRAM
'Hollywood Squares' option AGREE
'I Think You Should Leave' star Robinson TIM
'Let's change the subject' DONTGOTHERE
'___ Can' (2008 campaign slogan) YESWE
'___ n'est pas une pipe': Magritte CECI
1961 space chimp ENOS
50-Across, in French SEL
Accounting inspection AUDIT
Advertisement insert CIRCULAR
Arena levels TIERS
Auto maintenance task LUBE
Breed like salmon SPAWN
Chilean mountain range ANDES
Clavicle neighbor STERNUM
Dash, for one RACE
Declutter TIDYUP
Did well at Battleship SANK
Dropped item MIC
Egyptian cross ANKH
Either side of Aruba, for instance? SCHWA
Expression when someone suddenly needs help TOTHERESCUE
Figure above a 9 or 0, for short PAREN
Former Big Four record co EMI
FX in the Transformers series, e.g CGI
Gold, to Pizarro ORO
H.S. course ENG
Half of a dance? CHA
Healing through nature, e.g ECOTHERAPY
Heartfelt sign-off WITHLOVE
Ice melter SALT
In the high 70s CPLUS
Industrial region of Germany RUHR
Instrument with a conical bore OBOE
It may be spiced with cardamom CHAI
Julia Roberts's 'Ocean's Eleven' role TESS
Clues Answers
Leave unmentioned OMIT
Magician Shin ___, 'America's Got Talent: The Champions' winner LIM
Marriott competitor RADISSON
One, in Italy UNA
Oregon lake where you can drive around the rim CRATER
Outcast PARIAH
Overdoes the fandom, slangily STANS
Part of MRE EAT
Patrik of the Winnipeg Jets LAINE
Perform like Migos RAP
Pieces to be played SET
Private response? SALUTE
Product of the mined? ORE
Reason to put up a 'Danger' sign on a drilling site OPENHOLE
Scratch or scuff MAR
Send, as a payment REMIT
Settlers of ___ (board game) CATAN
Sewing machine inventor Howe ELIAS
Shelley work ODE
Shoes in the 2015 'What are those?!' meme CROCS
Show initiative ACT
Squishy Easter candy PEEP
State capital where Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock was born HELENA
Superfund agcy EPA
Survey choice found in the four theme answers OTHER
Symbol of Canada MAPLE
T-bone region LOIN
Their work is often in anthologies POETS
They may be pulled PUNCHES
Troubadour's instrument LUTE
Twain, actually CLEMENS
Type of power in Iceland GEOTHERMAL
Unwrap hastily TEAR
Waltzed through ACED
When repeated, a 'Seinfeld' catchphrase YADA
Word repeated on 'Teletubbies' AGAIN
X-ray area, maybe CHEST
___ Laredo (city on the Rio Grande) NUEVO
___-Kinney (band that formed in Olympia, Wash.) SLEATER