The Washington Post - Oct 6 2019

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Clues Answers
'Am I awake?' PINCHME
'__ Blues': Beatles song with the line 'Even hate my rock and roll' YER
'__ Misérables' LES
1929 purchaser of Victor RCA
Abated EASED
Advanced teaching degrees: Abbr MSEDS
Affirmatives YESES
Agenda entry ITEM
Altered by time AGED
Architect Jones INIGO
Base stealer's asset SPEED
Big 12 rival of Baylor: Abbr TCU
Bit of inside information TIP
Blather on BABBLE
Bring up to date CLUEIN
Bryn Mawr graduates ALUMNAE
Burn without flames SMOLDER
Cannes concept IDEE
Car starter ENGINE
Cause of tremors, at times FEAR
Cease to function DIE
Chin indentations CLEFTS
Civil War general MEADE
Comic-Con attendee NERD
Common sight on 'L.A. Law'? DEYINCOURT
Conducted LED
Confront FACE
Consequence of overtweezing? RAZEDEYEBROWS
Consort of Hera ZEUS
Covers completely ENWRAPS
Crosby, Stills & Nash, e.g TRIO
Current site of ancient Carthage TUNISIA
Dip holder CHIP
Disgraced SHAMED
Disproportionate reactions TODOS
Dizzy's jazz genre BEBOP
Do a gardening task WATER
Encrypt CODE
Eponymous ice cream maker EDY
ET vehicles, in theory UFOS
Eurasian blackbird OUZEL
Fab equivalent AWESOME
Figure (out) SUSS
Flaming AFIRE
Followers who may be friendly or hostile POSSE
French article UNE
Full of glitches, as programs BUGGY
Game for two or four TENNIS
Gazed lasciviously LEERED
Geographical symbol of Middle America PEORIA
Go wild on Twitter TREND
Greeted, with 'to' SAIDHI
Growth-oriented field?: Abbr AGR
Gutenberg's movable invention TYPE
Halloween follower: Abbr NOV
Hankering URGE
Hard-hitting contests SLUGFESTS
Hawaiian tour company specialist? LEIPERSON
Help to withdraw WEAN
Hers and mine OURS
Him, to Henri LUI
Hindu mystics YOGIS
Hired escort GIGOLO
Hoist LIFT
Clues Answers
Hostelries INNS
Iberian wine city OPORTO
Induce euphoria in ELATE
Insensitive CALLOUS
KC-to-NYC dir ENE
Kidney-related RENAL
Kindle reading, e.g ETEXT
King novel that shared the first Bram Stoker Award MISERY
Lair DEN
Landed ALIT
Lariat REATA
Like much testimony ORAL
Locations SITES
Locks that are picked AFROS
Low-voiced choir member's goal? GETTOFIRSTBASS
Loyal TRUE
Main squeeze BEAU
Make up a story, maybe LIE
Many mariners SEAMEN
Medical suffix OSIS
Met acquisition ART
Mid-morning coffee, say? BREAKFLUID
Muffin fruit BLUEBERRY
Natter GAB
Niños' needs? TILDES
Nixon of 'Sex and the City' CYNTHIA
No-goodniks BADDIES
Nose bag particle OAT
One who doesn't just think about it DOER
Outcropping CRAG
Overhang LEDGE
Pass gone seriously astray: Abbr INT
Pleasant NICE
Presidents' Day phenomena SALES
Previously AGO
Problem for a claustrophobic driver TUNNEL
Problem for Roman Britain? GAELFORCE
Regina's prov SASK
Rent what you've rented SUBLET
Restorative TONIC
Revolver, maybe DOOR
Road sign ruminant DEER
Said goodbye, dog-style? BAYEDFAREWELL
Skunk cousin POLECAT
Social climber SNOB
Socrates' pupil PLATO
Some chalets AFRAMES
Source of ignition MATCH
Standard of measurement METRIC
Steamed state RAGE
Suffix with kitchen ETTE
Sumo wrestler's asset? HAZARDOUSWAIST
Support framework TRUSS
Surname of father-and-son British prime ministers PITT
Sword-wielder's cry ENGARDE
Tendon SINEW
Texter's 'I will return shortly' BRB
Three-syllable limerick foot ANAPEST
Tiny chuckle TEHEE
Tony winner Tammy GRIMES
Try again REDO
Vanishing ski lift TBAR
Voltaire's faith DEISM
What a plighter plights TROTH
Wind instrument? CHIME
Word of Gallic gratitude MERCI
Word of respect SIR
Wrinkly little dog PUG
__ insurance LIFE