Universal - Oct 6 2019

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Clues Answers
"Aha!" ISEE
"What ___ I tell you?" DID
(What did you just say?!) GASP
... sigma, ___, upsilon .. TAU
A fortune-teller reads it PALM
Aluminum foil, e.g WRAP
Arabian food? HAY
Be sorry for REPENT
Bullfight cry OLE
Calls the wrong number, e.g ERRS
Cavalry weapon LANCE
Class size reduction grp PTA
Come in ENTER
Commotion FUROR
Deceptive appearance FACADE
Desert refuges OASES
Design vehicle tags? FASHIONPLATES
Despicable person TOAD
Dog that Helen Keller introduced to the U.S AKITA
Essay length units PAGES
Former Egyptian president Sadat ANWAR
Frees from blame ABSOLVES
Gardeners' workplaces YARDS
Great pleasure ECSTASY
Greek moralist AESOP
Hawaiian guitars, briefly UKES
Highest suit in bridge SPADES
In direct confrontation TOETOTOE
Its bark is used in canoes BIRCH
Kansas City-to-New Orleans dir SSE
King topper ACE
Make part of an iron bust? FORGEAHEAD
Makes moist WETS
Makes warm again REHEATS
Many a frosh's residence DORM
Mold a snow scene in bronze? CASTADRIFT
More than sufficient AMPLE
Clues Answers
Nissan Rogue and Ford Escape SUVS
Number of candles on a cupcake, often ONE
One may walk on its knuckles APE
One watching the Hawks like a hawk REF
OR workers RNS
Pasta-cooking vessel POT
Photograph round earrings? SHOOTHOOPS
Pills, briefly MEDS
Popular sandwich cookie OREO
Profound DEEP
Quarrel SPAR
Residents of Canada's capital OTTAWANS
Ribs and such, at a barbecue FARE
Run away FLEE
Seize, as an opportunity LEAPON
Separate DETACH
Shrek and others OGRES
Sit-___ (peaceful protests) INS
Sketch a large group? DRAWACROWD
Society newbie DEB
Soda nuts KOLAS
Superlative suffix EST
Surmounting ATOP
Takes a chance RISKSIT
That: Sp ESO
Thomas Hardy heroine TESS
Too late PASTDUE
Traditional stories MYTHS
Transfixed RAPT
Tries to fly FLAPS
TripAdvisor bookings: Abbr RMS
Uprising RIOT
Very loud, on a music score FFF
Vex persistently EATAT
Where you may see a large ball pit FUNHOUSE
Word after "belly" or "spice" RUB
___ bene NOTA
___ up (come clean) FESS