Universal - Oct 5 2019

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Clues Answers
"For ___ a jolly good fellow ..." HES
"Holy smokes!" OMIGOSH
"Obviously!" DUH
"Rocky" star Talia SHIRE
"What have we here?!" OHO
"You lucky ___!" DOG
"You'll ___ the day!" RUE
'Vette roof option TTOP
*Contest where two people always finish tied (see letters 7-9) THREELEGGEDRACE
*Mindless workers (letters 3-8) AUTOMATONS
*The Bears retired his No. 42 (letters 4-7) SIDLUCKMAN
*Wrestlers, at times (letters 3-7) GRAPPLERS
Actor Reynolds RYAN
Airport stats ETAS
Alone at prom STAG
Alphabetically first Old Testament book AMOS
Apt nickname for a physical therapist PETEY
Before, poetically ERE
Beret, for one HAT
Booker T. & the ___ MGS
Car sticker abbr MSRP
Certain clergy members RECTORS
Come-___ (lures) ONS
Cosmetic butter type SHEA
Delivery room docs OBS
Dire ___ STRAITS
Disaffected teenager's response EYEROLL
Email ending for profs EDU
Ends a relationship BREAKSUP
Expert finish? ISE
Fails to be ISNT
Fanta products SODAS
Half of hexa- TRI
Hot mo AUG
Lead-in to "requisite" PRE
Less strict LOOSER
Clues Answers
Low voice BASSO
Makes socks, e.g KNITS
Name on Napoleon Dynamite's shirt PEDRO
Nanny ___ CAM
Navigation gizmo GPS
Opera set in Egypt AIDA
Opposite of "curse" BLESS
Parental words after "Because" ISAIDSO
Patient person, metaphorically SAINT
Pickpocket CUTPURSE
Play segment ACT
Reaction to a rat EEK
Reddit Q&A sesh AMA
Rhinoceros feature HORN
Royal namesake of a famous ship QUEENMARY
Russian rulers until 1917 TSARS
Say something sincerely MEANIT
Scottish terrier type CAIRN
Short albums, for short EPS
Some include coupons ADS
Squad of experts CRACKTEAM
Steel-wool scrubbers SOSPADS
Stitch's pal LILO
Summer drink suffixes ADES
Tabloid paper RAG
Talent KNACK
Thailand, formerly SIAM
Truly wicked, like the starred answers? ROTTENTOTHECORE
Try to catch, as a fish REELIN
Tuning pin on a violin PEG
Unwelcome looks LEERS
Web addresses URLS
What many Brits do at 4 p.m TAKETEA
Wine-tasting need GLASS
Witty remark QUIP
Yankees' div ALEAST
___ Paul's MRS
___ Z (millennials' successors) GEN