Wall Street Journal - Oct 5 2019 - Played Out

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Clues Answers
“Do the Right Thing” pizzeria SALS
“Don’t think so” UHNO
“I’ll take a cold one” BEERME
“Sad to say...” ALAS
“To Kill a Mockingbird” girl SCOUT
“You saved me!” MYHERO
*“This looks bad...” HERECOMESTROUBLE
*Assuming all liabilities ATYOUROWNRISK
*It’s hard to say TONGUETWISTER
*Preventers of misreporting FACTCHECKERS
*Warning against recklessness BETTERSAFETHANSORRY
2019 Avengers movie, or what each starred answer has ENDGAME
66-Across, e.g FISH
Actual TRUE
Always EVER
Amusingly absurd RICH
An eternity AGES
Arizona cagers SUNS
Arizona State site TEMPE
Augsburg article EIN
Ballet attire TIGHTS
Before, to poets ERE
Beverly who wrote the Ramona book series CLEARY
Body wash brand OLAY
Bone-related prefix OSTEO
Brewski SUDS
Cake pan option BUNDT
Cargo carriers SEMIS
Charge RUNAT
Cheerful-sounding flowers GLADS
Child, e.g CHEF
Columnist Bombeck ERMA
Corn unit EAR
Cruz in the Senate TED
Dashboard abbr RPM
Deli buy KNISH
Depend RELY
Dragnet TRAWL
Drops from the sky RAIN
Dubai leader EMIR
Excise, as corruption ROOTOUT
Expressive dances HULAS
Fashion first name OLEG
Figure of speech TROPE
Firm for diners ALDENTE
Fivers ABES
Form a rapport BOND
Forum provocateur TROLL
Gearshift letters PRNDL
Goes for COSTS
Great HUGE
Harder to see through, as ocean waters INKIER
Hayes of “Will & Grace” SEAN
Henry VIII’s last Catherine PARR
Hi-___ monitor RES
Incense ENRAGE
Iron production STEAM
It’s a long story SAGA
Jazz saxophonist Dexter GORDON
Keg insert TAP
Kind of sleep REM
Kinks hit LOLA
Last name associated with dieting ATKINS
Last name associated with dieting SPRAT
LAX posting ARR
Letter resembling a trident PSI
Clues Answers
Light touch CARESS
Like argon INERT
Made turbid ROILED
Makes a fierce verbal attack LASHESOUT
Many SAT takers SRS
Matriculate ENROLL
Maybelline product MASCARA
Montana neighbor ALBERTA
Move without dribbling, in basketball TRAVEL
N.Y. clock setting EST
Namesake of a Venice basilica STMARK
Neither’s partner NOR
Netflix rival HULU
Netherlands export EDAM
Niagara sight FALLS
Nickelodeon goo SLIME
Norm, for short STD
Not prone to crushes, for short ARO
Notary’s need SEAL
Often-torn knee part, briefly ACL
Old Testament book ESTHER
Old Testament book AMOS
Old West challenge DRAW
Palindromic girl’s name ADA
Part of the U.K ENG
PC key ESC
Pentathletes wield them EPEES
Place for a rubber ducky BATH
Place to detox REHAB
Plumbing problem DRIP
Potting need SOIL
Put in a group CLASSED
Quiet interludes LULLS
Radio annoyance STATIC
Raised lines ELS
React to a teen idol, perhaps SWOON
Really disgraceful LOW
Reindeer relative MOOSE
Roman calendar feature IDES
Saint Louis Bread Company, outside of St. Louis PANERA
Santa ___ winds ANA
Sargasso Sea spawners EELS
Savory taste UMAMI
Simple, in a way ONESTEP
Sister of Beth, Jo and Amy MEG
Sleep unit? ZEE
Sneeze inducer DUST
Song title character who’s “got me on my knees” LAYLA
Soprano Fleming RENEE
Spice mixture in Indian cooking MASALA
Stitch’s pal LILO
Surface stats AREAS
Syringe filler SERUM
Technique ART
The Euphrates divides it SYRIA
The worst kind of loser SORE
There’s often a raison for it ETRE
Thin slice SLIVER
Type type ITALIC
Une des quatre saisons ETE
Uttar Pradesh neighbor DELHI
Volatile liquid used in solvents ETHER
Wash. airport SEATAC
Watchdog warning GRR
What may follow a dot COM
___ Mater (Latin hymn) STABAT