New York Times - Oct 5 2019

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Clues Answers
'For real?' THATSO
'Get over here now!' COMEQUICK
Accelerator particles MESONS
Actress Hayek of 'Frida' SALMA
Added to the ballot, say WRITTENIN
Ashcroft's predecessor as attorney general RENO
Base boss SARGE
Bulb unit CLOVE
City on Utah Lake OREM
Clock SWAT
Cylindrical construction SILO
Disney president who oversaw the Pixar acquisition IGER
Does some course prep? TEESUP
Egyptian sky god HORUS
Elysium EDEN
Escalated RISEN
Euphoric state CLOUDNINE
Fails to be ISNT
Feature of many a diary HASP
First name in westerns CLINT
First of the Minor Prophets HOSEA
Flag carrier with a 17-hour nonstop flight to London QANTAS
Front covers BIBS
Game with a ball called a quaffle QUIDDITCH
Gave grief, in a way SASSED
Get back REAP
Ginseng, e.g ROOT
Had a bad feeling ACHED
Having eaten crow SHAMED
Heraldic hue AZURE
Home of The Times-Picayune, informally NOLA
In a jiffy SOON
Incredible person LIAR
Clues Answers
Inner tubes, topologically TORI
It stands for something ACRONYM
Kangaroo, for 22-Across LOGO
Kunis of 'That '70s Show' MILA
Like Wile E. Coyote INEPT
Manhattan's ___ D. Roosevelt Park SARA
Medgar who said 'You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea' EVERS
Not likely to be upset TOPSEEDED
One end of the railway in 'The Bridge on the River Kwai' BURMA
One of the two components of 5-Down ANTIQUARK
Part of a ream QUIRE
Peer group JURY
Perfect and then some? TENSES
Places for trophies DENS
Prefix with -cracy IDIO
Reward seeker's concern RISK
Ruthlessly aggressive TAKENOPRISONERS
Shaved ice ingredient SYRUP
Short yardage play, briefly QBSNEAK
Smart CHIC
Some tow jobs, for short REPOS
Stage highlight ARIA
Sticky situations QUAGMIRES
Submerged ridge SHOAL
Terminal request AISLESEAT
The Hagia Sophia was built in it BYZANTINEEMPIRE
Times gone by ERAS
Triumphant cry IRULE
Vague expression of empathy ITHAPPENS
Winds up CLOSES