The Guardian - Weekend crossword No 457 - Oct 5 2019

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Clues Answers
1978 musical starring Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta GREASE
A citizen of Almaty? KAZAKH
A measure of the speed of communication over a data channel BAUD
Area of Atlanta associated with rap music BANKHEAD
Chapel in the Vatican once known as the Cappella Magna SISTINE
Collective term for anti-fascist activists in Germany and elsewhere ANTIFA
Country bordered by Iraq and Turkmenistan IRAN
Dame __ Mirren, actor HELEN
Dido's sister in Roman mythology ANNA
Dorset town known for its Lighthouse arts centre POOLE
Earl of Leicester and prominent leader in the crusade against the 11 SIMONDE
Food of the gods in Greek mythology AMBROSIA
Clues Answers
French city after which the crusade against the 11 was named ALBI
French city and scene of a massacre of the 11 in 1209 BEZIERS
Gustave __, French civil engineer whose eponymous tower stands in Paris EIFFEL
Indian city sometimes known as the 18 city Nagpur
Mahmoud __, president of the Palestinian National Authority ABBAS
Not the only fruit? ORANGE
Pierre de __, French mathematician famous for his 'last theorem' FERMAT
Religious sect which flourished in southern France during the 12th century CATHARS
The Prime of Miss Jean __, novel by Muriel Spark BRODIE
Wellington's nickname IRONDUKE
__ Hague, wife of the former leader of the Conservative Party FFION