The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,173 - Oct 4 2019

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Clues Answers
A boy gone mad having received very encouraging message before journey BONVOYAGE
A line of language? HYPHEN
Beef good and ready to eat GRIPE
Designs inside temporary accommodation INTENTS
Dope beginning to disturb a stomach DATUM
Doris cavorting by couch, undressed DISROBED
Favourite uncle somehow hiding a bad temper PETULANCE
Getting rid of top motorsport group FIRING
Giving party attended by group of people DONATION
Grounds under water? SEDIMENT
Left in desolate place with little money, engineers building for community HEALTHCENTRE
Limit damage produced by drink MARGIN
Loner thus wanting literature, a couple of lines? SOLITARY
Lover makes soldier lament no end PARAMOUR
Clues Answers
Made an effort, being weary, a bit confused inside TRIED
Nasty ice on side bed -- problem in the earliest garden? DISOBEDIENCE
Office worker is pretty stupid, about to be sacked TYPIST
Oil's nice possibly as a sort of lubricant SILICONE
One sort of music or another introducing Georgia RAGGA
Periodic times making us sad yet resolved TUESDAYS
Philosopher performed, having rushed up DIDEROT
Scotsman outside wicked African city IBADAN
Set against a ledge, wobbling CONGEALED
Set of books this writer wrapped in paper in tasteful style DAINTILY
The Parisian coming to Chichester maybe as a tenant LESSEE
Thin little girl with musical instrument DILUTE
Tree illuminated, one at back of church LITCHI
Yobs lashing out about nothing repeatedly HOOLIGANS