Universal - Oct 4 2019

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Clues Answers
"J and Q don't appear on the periodic table," e.g FACT
"No man is an island" poet John DONNE
"The Nutcracker ___" SUITE
"___ see you in court!" ILL
"___ the attitude!" LOSE
2012 flick about a bear TED
Actor Davis OSSIE
Actress Lupino IDA
Amazed INAWE
Anatomical trunk TORSO
Angelina of "Gia" JOLIE
Angler's accessory LURE
Appeared to be SEEMED
Attach a patch, e.g SEW
Bailey, Buck, White, etc.? STRINGOFPEARLS
Banks of baseball fame ERNIE
Barbara who played Jeannie EDEN
Beginning of many stories ONCE
Bodybuilders' liquids OILS
Borders on ABUTS
Chips and dings FLAWS
Choice in a Frost poem ROAD
Clears after taxes NETS
Contractual agreement LEASE
Cook on a spit, say ROAST
Corrida participant TORO
Couldn't get enough of ADORED
Cut through barbed wire for, say ABET
Deceived MISLED
Degrade ABASE
Dissect grammatically PARSE
Doesn't pronounce ELIDES
Encourage in a taunting way EGGON
Females with manes MARES
Fess up to ADMIT
Gave meds to DOSED
Group knowledge LORE
Half of a common comparison APPLES
Clues Answers
Inserted, as coins FEDIN
Italian wine region ASTI
Lee or Laurel STAN
Major defeat ROUT
Make a ___ appearance RARE
Messy sort SLOB
Mine vehicle TRAM
Nary a soul NOONE
Not natural to one's experience ALIEN
One might have a knight rider STEED
One, on a scale of one to ten, often WORST
Prof's helpers TAS
Profound depth ABYSS
Pulls a fast one on Mays and Nelson? GETSTHEWILLIES
Randomly scatter STREW
Rebellious computer in "2001" HAL
Shout at a hockey rink GOAL
Side sometimes made with jicama SLAW
Slime trail leaver SLUG
Slithery swimmers EELS
Small TINY
Smart and Harlow, when down in the dumps? PAIROFBLUEJEANS
Spanish bar bites TAPAS
Spot on a domino PIP
Squealer, in two ways RAT
Start of a Shakespearean soliloquy TOBE
They're sheepish but not necessarily shy EWES
Thick with vegetation LUSH
Three-hulled sailboats TRIMARANS
Trojan War story ILIAD
University of New Mexico athlete LOBO
Wheezing condition ASTHMA
When repeated, a drum TOM
Word before "friendly" or "experience" USER
___ Lee bread SARA
___ out (betrayed) SOLD
___ Romeo ALFA