USA Today - Nov 29 2019

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Clues Answers
'A-oo-gah' sounder HORN
'O Canada,' e.g ANTHEM
'To reiterate . . .' IREPEAT
'Top,' to 'bottom' ANTONYM
52-Across, at a Cajun restaurant ENTREE
A son of 66-Across ABEL
Accepting business OPEN
All the rage HOT
Anton Apolo Ohno's sport SKATING
Apr. addressee IRS
Atlanta campus EMORY
Batman and Robin, e.g DUO
Bobbies' headquarters SCOTLANDYARD
Calls, as a bet SEES
Ceremony vow IDO
Cheek dampener TEAR
Cheer with an accented 'e' OLE
Classic tattoo word MOM
Comics bark ARF
Constantly busy ONTHEGO
Constellation with a belt ORION
Court attire ROBES
Craftsy e-tailer ETSY
Curbside device PARKINGMETER
Den or study ROOM
Did over, as a 32-Down REMODELED
Early apple-picker EVE
Everyday article THE
Exchange cross words ARGUE
Farmland measures ACRES
Fate, informally KARMA
Garfield's human JON
Goalie's locale CREASE
Harbor workhorse TUG
Homer's 'neighborino' NED
Huck, to Tom PAL
Hurricane's identifier NAME
Ipanema's locale, for short RIO
Is 'it,' in a game SEEKS
Clues Answers
It's satisfied with payment LIEN
Letters on the Bounty HMS
Lies under a UV lamp TANS
Like ballplayers in 'The Show' MAJORLEAGUE
Loaf choice RYE
Louisiana's official cuisine GUMBO
More avid, as for knowledge THIRSTIER
Mount Hood's state OREGON
Moved stealthily, slangily SNUCK
Much spam ADS
National Celery Month MARCH
No-brainer course EASYA
Not exactly Mensa material DENSE
Not worth debating MOOT
Owned, once HAD
Palace area guarded by eunuchs HAREM
Pathologist's study DISEASE
Perches in palaces THRONES
Place to trade MART
Prefix with social ANTI
Rails on viaducts ELS
Ring victories, for short KOS
Rip-roaring review RAVE
Score before ad in DEUCE
Soft, holey shoe CROC
Sousaphone relative TUBA
Surgi-center areas (Abbr.) ORS
Tom Collins need GIN
Tough to solve THORNY
University URL ender EDU
Unlike an inner dialogue ALOUD
Uses a scope AIMS
Was on the horizon LOOMED
Where die faces meet EDGE
Word after false or fire ALARM
Yang counterpart YIN
___ julienne (in thin strips) ALA
___ squad (morale booster) PEP