USA Today - Nov 28 2019

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Clues Answers
'Be right with you!' INASEC
'Beetle Bailey' creator Walker MORT
'Don't play,' in music TACET
'India pale' brews ALES
'Repeat, please' SAYAGAIN
'Seize the ___' DAY
'The Fifer' painter Edouard MANET
'Truly Ouchless!' bandage brand CURAD
'You,' in a rebus puzzle EWE
Air force hotshot ACE
Altar affirmation IDO
Beach bag, perhaps TOTE
Became fond of TOOKTO
Blind trio of rhyme MICE
Browns receiver Beckham Jr ODELL
Carp in backyard ponds KOI
Castor bean product OIL
Cause of an adrenaline rush SCARE
Charter boat rentals RODS
Chiquita product BANANA
Clogs up with sediment SILTS
Concede defeat CRYUNCLE
Cookie at a social TEABISCUIT
Crime-fighting Eliot NESS
Daytona 500 circuit LAP
Dictator played by Whitaker AMIN
Doctor's activity-limiting order BEDREST
Easily swindled sort PATSY
Eaves hanger ICICLE
Equestrian's path TRAIL
Fancily decorated ORNATE
Fashionista's concern STYLE
Felt-tipped pen MAGICMARKER
Find the answer to SOLVE
Full of attitude SASSY
Gandalf portrayer McKellen IAN
Glue with a bull logo ELMERS
Google Maps et al APPS
Clues Answers
Got a look at VIEWED
Granter of wishes GENIE
Hannibal the Cannibal LECTER
Hockey great Dryden KEN
In total support of ALLFOR
Kristen of 'The Good Place' BELL
Label owned by Sony ARISTA
London's Tabard, e.g INN
Marbled loaf, perhaps RYE
Muscles worked by planks ABS
Nabisco wafer NILLA
Not on time for LATETO
Online media presentations WEBCASTS
Palindromic bird TIT
Piano practice piece ETUDE
Pitch-related TONAL
Place to pledge, for short FRAT
Place to store ammo DEPOT
PreCheck org TSA
Prefix with friendly or freak ECO
Quality that affects taste SAPOR
Rambler automaker of old AMC
Register, as a sale RINGUP
Rip into ASSAIL
Sacred song PSALM
Severely injured MAIMED
Shepherd's pie veggie PEA
Short Line, in Monopoly RAILROAD
Side with a burger SLAW
Social stratification CLASSSYSTEM
Sugar-loving insect ANT
Techs' callers USERS
Uneasy feeling MALAISE
Washington, D.C., to Rome, Italy SISTERCITY
Where scrubs are worn (Abbr.) ORS
Witty Bombeck ERMA
Yarn strand PLY
___ Plaines, Ill DES