Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Oct 21 2019

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Clues Answers
'Shoo!' OUT
'We hold these — to be ...' TRUTHS
'Who cares?' BIGDEAL
'You've got a — nerve!' LOTOF
'— was saying ...' ASI
1973 Toni Morrison novel SULA
Agrees to OKS
Artist Chagall MARC
Bobby of hockey ORR
Burrowed DUG
Carl Sagan series COSMOS
Chapeau holder HATBOX
Corn serving EAR
Crater edge RIM
Crossword clue abbr VAR
Cupid's alias EROS
Depleted USEDUP
Drench SOAK
Eatery in a high school CAFETERIA
Eatery in a mall FOODCOURT
Elite Navy group SEALS
Entanglement WEB
Extinct bird MOA
Florida city OCALA
Free of charge GRATIS
French eatery BRASSERIE
Ga. neighbor FLA
God, in Islam ALLAH
Golden Fleece ship ARGO
Clues Answers
Gun-lobby org NRA
Hollywood's Thurman UMA
Honda model CIVIC
Humdinger LULU
Italian eatery TRATTORIA
Kanga's kid ROO
Like Yeller OLD
Lone Star State sch UTEP
Make well HEAL
Mature AGE
Mess up ERR
Old salts TARS
Orange veggies YAMS
Pelvic bone ILIUM
Rich soil LOAM
Roman 1052 MLII
Roughly ORSO
Rowing need OAR
Salad type CAESAR
Sort ILK
Spacious ROOMY
Stir-fry pan WOK
Stitch SEW
Tools for alpine climbers ICEAXES
Triumphed WON
Turkish officials AGAS
TV spots ADS
U-boat, for one SUB
Winter ailment FLU
World Cup cheer OLE
Young fox KIT