USA Today - Sep 24 2019

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Clues Answers
'Family Guy' mom LOIS
'Looks great to me!' ILIKE
4 and 16, to 2 and 4 SQUARES
Add to the staff HIRE
Anti-voter-suppression org ACLU
Any of Edison's 1,000 PATENT
Barnes & Noble buy BOOK
Be short, in a way OWE
Becomes threadbare WEARS
Beneath an elm, say SHADED
Bit of Indian 5-Down SARI
Biter of 32-Across FLEA
Blunted sword EPEE
Cavern effect ECHO
Child's Christmas emotion GLEE
Collages, e.g ART
Compass component MAGNETICNEEDLE
Controversial issue HOTPOTATO
Country name on some euros EIRE
Czar and kaiser RULERS
Dressed bowlful SALAD
Drops beneath the horizon SETS
Ekberg of 'La Dolce Vita' ANITA
Empty stomach's signals PANGS
Endorsements, briefly OKS
Existing, to a lawyer INESSE
Florida collegiate gridder MIAMIHURRICANE
Fried Hanukkah nosh LATKE
Frozen yogurt holder CONE
Game with Draw Two cards UNO
Get whupped LOSE
Gut-churning VILE
H's on frat sweaters ETAS
Hobby farm bugs ANTS
Jessica of 'Sin City' ALBA
Kilt sporter, perhaps SCOT
Light purple bloom LILAC
Like an uneventful news day SLOW
Like gruel THIN
Clues Answers
Lo-cal, in ads LITE
Marching command, and a hint to this puzzle's theme EYESRIGHT
New Zealand tongue MAORI
Not as congenial ICIER
Of rams and lambs OVINE
Open, as a compressed file UNZIP
Operating system since the 1970s UNIX
Oppressive burden ONUS
Psych 101 subjects EGOS
Pull the cork on DRAIN
Put a sharp edge on WHET
Relax in the sack LAZE
Rude awakenings JOLTS
Sandwich in a pita GYRO
Seismograph detection QUAKE
Sharing a lineage AKIN
Shellfish at a bake CLAM
Sit down to a spread DINE
Site with a 'can't sell' list EBAY
Skier's lodging CHALET
Slangy 'Certainly' YEP
Snaky sea creature EEL
Snoopy and Scooby-Doo DOGS
Soc. Sec. supplements IRAS
Source of linen FLAX
Space junk's circuit ORBIT
Spotify category RAP
Stare creepily OGLE
Summer camp vessel CANOE
Takes the wrong exit, e.g ERRS
The Gap inventory ATTIRE
Thumb-twiddling sort IDLER
Unavoidable end FATE
Unc's mate AUNTIE
Uncertain factors IFS
War against infidels JIHAD
Where drones hover MIDAIR
Works like Spike Lee DIRECTS