USA Today - Sep 14 2019

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Clues Answers
'Heidi' setting ALPS
'Little Birds' author Anais NIN
'Purple Haze' rocker Hendrix JIMI
'Son of,' in Scottish names MAC
'What ___ ya got?' ELSE
101 course, briefly INTRO
1965 Beatles movie HELP
Aaron's golden calf, e.g IDOL
Abacus user ADDER
About two-thirds of Earth OCEAN
Accessories with aloha shirts LEIS
Add a codicil to, say AMEND
Aromatherapy spots SPAS
Beehive social division CASTE
Biblical miracle site CANA
Biopic about model Carangi GIA
Boys' choir voice ALTO
Bret who chronicled the Gold Rush HARTE
Broadway dame played by a man EDNA
Bruce Wayne's home MANOR
Business school subj ECON
Cataracts and glaucoma, for two VISIONDISORDERS
Coin with a $ sign PESO
Criminologist's clue LEAD
Culinary phrase ALA
Decide to compete in ENTER
Dig find RELIC
Don't go anywhere STAY
Don't keep in OMIT
Dow downturn LOSS
Dump emanation ODOR
Eat like a pig GORGE
Etcher's fluid ACID
Fateful day in Rome IDES
Feeling of guilt PANG
Full of sarcasm SNIDE
Fur farm cruelty victim MINK
Generic dog name FIDO
Get to REACH
Clues Answers
Graceful waterbird SWAN
Greenie, to a dog TREAT
Heir to a fortune SCION
Henhouse sound CACKLE
Insect that can turn its head MANTIS
Ivanka, to Donald Jr SISTER
Jalousie part SLAT
Kentucky Derby postings ODDS
Leave slack-jawed AMAZE
Like a sentry ALERT
Like avant-garde art EDGY
Like Beelzebub EVIL
Like good penmanship NEAT
Like many ales PALE
Made a rip in TORE
Mireille of 'World War Z' ENOS
Not yet proficient in NEWAT
Online social hookup EDATE
Peaty tract MOOR
Pillow prettifier SHAM
Pixar clownfish NEMO
Preserves, as pork SALTS
Remote possibility GHOSTOFACHANCE
Rope for Will Rogers LARIAT
Roundup bunch HERD
Six-Day War weapons UZIS
Sparkling wine, familiarly ASTI
Take in eagerly LAPUP
Torso muscle, for short PEC
Totally flummoxed ATSEA
Ultra-low-cost carrier SPIRITAIRLINES
Vaquero's plain LLANO
Voodoo charm MOJO
Wee fellow LAD
Word before hygiene or history ORAL
Word often ignored in alphabetization THE
Ziploc competitor GLAD
___ & Perrins (sauce brand) LEA