- Oct 2 2019

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Clues Answers
''That's amazing!'' WOW
''That's clear to me now'' ISEE
A million 19 Across, for short MEG
African scavenger HYENA
Alias for A sharp BFLAT
Aligns, for short SYNCS
Alternatively ELSE
Apply, as effort EXERT
Bake sale sponsors: Abbr PTAS
Burgled STOLE
Carpeting measure: Abbr SQFT
Chopping down AXING
Christmas season YULE
Common office plant FERN
Competitor of Prego RAGU
Complex, as a maze INTRICATE
Composer Liszt or Schubert FRANZ
Computer storage measures BYTES
Country in the Andes PERU
Courteney of ''Friends'' COX
Decade fractions: Abbr YRS
Director Ang or Spike LEE
Dryly comical WRY
Economist Greenspan ALAN
Ed who's heard in ''Up'' ASNER
Eggy Christmas drink NOG
End of a chess game MATE
Every 24 hours DAILY
Explorer Ericson LEIF
Fair-minded JUST
Film critic's article REVIEW
Gladiator's workplace ARENA
Glass in binoculars LENS
Half of a German car brand BENZ
Hawaiian Airlines handout LEI
Hill-building bug ANT
Hoops pro NBAER
In a group of AMONG
Israeli airline ELAL
Clues Answers
Literary spoof SATIRE
Machine part that spins ROTOR
Machine part with teeth GEAR
Made of fleece WOOLEN
Magazine edition ISSUE
Mediterranean, for one SEA
Natural bandage SCAB
Nintendo game consoles WIIS
Nonreactive, in chemistry INERT
Not as well done WORSE
Numerous MANY
Office bigwig, for short EXEC
Oval-shaped nut PECAN
Pats gently DABSAT
Pep talk's purpose MORALEBOOSTER
Perfume bottle VIAL
Plant life of a region FLORA
Porgy's beloved BESS
Positioned, as a building SITED
Republic of China TAIWAN
S&L savings vehicles CDS
Sch. near Beverly Hills UCLA
Short play before a long play CURTAINRAISER
Sign before Libra VIRGO
Skyscraper's furniture transport FREIGHTELEVATOR
So far ASYET
Sounded like a setter BARKED
Store sign gas NEON
Sunblock stat SPF
Supermarket staffer CLERK
Talks too much YAPS
Tender emotion SENTIMENT
Tepee, for instance TENT
Thickly packed DENSE
Vehicles for generals JEEPS
Waiting line, in London QUEUE
Washbowl BASIN
WWW addresses URLS
__-Cola (Pepsi rival) COCA