The Guardian - Quick crossword No 15,414 - Oct 2 2019

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Clues Answers
Academy Award OSCAR
Branch line SPUR
Branch of dentistry ORTHODONTICS
Capital of Colorado DENVER
Duplicate copy TWIN
For use in the theatre SURGICAL
Habituate INURE
Had an ambitious plan ASPIRED
Headgear fixer HATPIN
Highest bid in bridge NOTRUMP
Hinged switch TOGGLE
Clues Answers
Living person's double DOPPELGANGER
Male partner responsible for domestic duties HOUSEHUSBAND
Newcastle-born? GEORDIE
North or South? POLE
Ornamental work in wire FILIGREE
Pampered pet LAPDOG
Person appreciating the beauty of art AESTHETE
Rabbit-like animal HARE
Recently enlisted person RECRUIT
Stretch sideways WIDEN
System of musical symbols NOTATION
Tear to shreds RIPUP