Irish Times (Simplex) - Oct 1 2019

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Clues Answers
Approximately 2.2 lbs KILOGRAM
Band to keep stocking or sleeve up GARTER
Before birth ANTENATAL
Brown with a reddish tinge RUSSET
Common or normal USUAL
Completely out of money BROKE
Decay, decompose ROT
Determine the sum of ADD
Expanse of salt water SEA
Fish tank AQUARIUM
Gizmo, contraption GADGET
Got back again REGAINED
Grey-barked tree ASH
Group of people with a common culture TRIBE
In the area of AROUND
It breaks a fall from the sky PARACHUTE
Long weapons with a sharp points SPEARS
Making last longer by careful use EKING
Clues Answers
No part of the line is straight CURVE
Poetic patterns of line-endings RHYMES
Prediction, about the weather perhaps FORECAST
Provides money for FINANCES
Quickly and unexpectedly SUDDENLY
Rushed headlong DASHED
Separate, break into parts SPLIT
Series of interconnecting links CHAIN
Set up or bring about ESTABLISH
Strongly criticises the roof tiles SLATES
Sum of many heterogenous things taken together AGGREGATE
Sweet plant secretion NECTAR
Tell a story RELATE
The way something is arranged or set out FORMAT
Trustworthy, dependable RELIABLE
Violent, aggressive FIERCE
Wise old saying ADAGE