Wall Street Journal - Oct 1 2019 - Lead Instruments

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Clues Answers
“2001” computer HAL
“Terminator Salvation” director MCG
Angling aid ROD
At an end OVER
Beach souvenir SHELL
Beauty parlor SALON
Bee’s nephew and Opie’s dad ANDY
Big name in small planes CESSNA
Buffy, notably SLAYER
Cabal RING
Check out creepily LEERAT
Choreographer Alvin AILEY
Creator of Atticus Finch HARPERLEE
Crockett and Jones DAVYS
Crooner Michael BOLTON
Dada artist Jean ARP
Detected SENSED
Didn’t go hungry ATE
Disco ___ (“The Simpsons” character) STU
Distress call HELPME
Do some pillaging MARAUD
Doing DEED
Domino’s delivery PIE
Droop SAG
Edgar Bergen dummy Mortimer ___ SNERD
Elbowroom SPACE
Fleece-lined boots UGGS
Flyers in V’s GEESE
Football Hall of Famer Dawson LEN
Hoppy beverage ALE
Hors d’oeuvre topping ROE
Hosp. workers LPNS
Hostile force ENEMY
Hue and cry ADO
Humble LOWLY
Involved in UPTO
It can be moving VIOLATION
It’s carbonated, in a way ORGANICCOMPOUND
Clues Answers
Language of Pakistan URDU
Light-footed NIMBLE
Like churros and corduroy RIDGED
Long-eared pooch BASSETHOUND
Luminous circle HALO
Made progress GAINED
Moose’s kin ELK
Noodle concoction? IDEA
Nutritional fig RDA
One might be proper NOUN
Onetime Pan Am rival TWA
Place for a lace EYELET
Place for a needle GROOVE
Pretense SHAM
Quad building DORM
Reduce, as expenses PARE
Rented trucks UHAULS
Reuben base RYE
Royal flush component ACE
Sci-fi visitor ALIEN
Serpent SNAKE
Serpent’s victim EVE
Short run DASH
Sigh, say EXHALE
Ski resort near Salt Lake City ALTA
Solidifies SETS
Sparkle ELAN
Supervised HEADED
Take to the sky AVIATE
They’re verboten NONOS
Tone down SUBDUE
Tool for Paul Bunyan AXE
Troublesome situation HORNETSNEST
Warehouse STORE
Works (out) HASHES
Yearbook ANNUAL