The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1450

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Clues Answers
Alexander Selkirk’s language? ERSE
Analyse water flowing through Hampshire TEST
Anger when leader abandons republic IRE
As one enters Cambs city, without difficulty EASILY
Band beginning to roast slice of beef outside STREAK
Chillier setting for a new kitchen vessel COLANDER
Confused on diet, be submissive OBEDIENT
Cover over public pool LIDO
Dog duke kept in south coast resort POODLE
European celebrity’s heavenly body? pole star
European river’s unpleasant effluvium, so to speak ODER
Fame of European currently in Royal Navy RENOWN
Fellow protégé, extremely lazy and faint-hearted COWARDLY
Clues Answers
Feud involving archdeacon and one owing money, do we hear? VENDETTA
Huge sum, or one misrepresented? ENORMOUS
Impudent talk about vegetable and fish PILCHARD
Islander starts to regret extra time in prison CRETAN
Marine arthropod man on board originally rescued in taxi king crab
New priest’s liveliness of wit ESPRIT
Pit railway sat on by working dog COLLIERY
Prince initially fancying small drink HALF
Search for crest COMB
Set of stairs incorporating an overhead window FANLIGHT
Shortcoming that makes us change sides? DEFECT
Very inexpensive old car retained by commanding officer CHEAPO