Universal - Sep 29 2019

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Clues Answers
"Evil Woman" band, for short ELO
"Likewise" ASDOI
"Notorious" justice, familiarly RBG
"Now, doctor!" STAT
"Pong" maker ATARI
"Sesame Street" watcher TOT
"This Is Us" network NBC
"Whose Line Is It Anyway?" regular (starts with Batman's alter ego) WAYNEBRADY
"You ___ thing!" POOR
Acted like APED
Advanced, financially LENT
Advertising sign NEON
All the rage HOT
App that lets you rate drivers UBER
Astern AFT
Author Rand AYN
Best-selling writers? (Spider-Man) PARKERPENS
Bit of reading for a fortune-teller TEALEAF
Bora Bora, par exemple ILE
Casual goodbye SEEYA
Cat native to Thailand SIAMESE
Charity ALMS
Clara Bow nickname, with "The" ITGIRL
Class-conscious org.? NEA
Clearasil target ACNE
Cosmic destiny KARMA
Courtyards ATRIA
Decomposes ROTS
Doing nothing IDLE
Enjoying nature OUTSIDE
Every last bit ALL
Exchange, as an old car TRADEIN
Farm bundle BALE
Fictional Butler RHETT
Flippers' transactions RESALES
Gillibrand and Warren: Abbr SENS
Gold miner's vessel PAN
Golden Flashes' Ohio school (Superman) KENTSTATE
Clues Answers
Hawk or Raptor, briefly NBAER
High-carb salad type PASTA
Hospital unit BED
In one's birthday suit (Iron Man) STARKNAKED
In ___ of LIEU
Istanbul residents TURKS
Keats wrote one to autumn ODE
Kind of chemistry ORGANIC
Language of Lahore URDU
Mark Antony's fourth wife OCTAVIA
Menu with a Copy command EDIT
More, in Madrid MAS
One may move to a warmer climate RETIREE
Polar bears' perches, for short BERGS
Pro bono TV spot PSA
React to an onion CRY
Schuss, e.g SKI
Sci-fi syntax snubber YODA
Singer also known as Sasha Fierce BEYONCE
Sometimes-creamy quaff ALE
Stuffing seasoning SAGE
The "E" in QED ERAT
The "E" of BPOE ELKS
To a smaller degree LESSSO
U-turn from SSW NNE
Up, in baseball ATBAT
What sycophants do (Aquaman) CURRYFAVOR
What the first letters of this puzzles' superheroes aptly spell BASIS
Where the Alps are: Abbr EUR
Wilbur's human friend FERN
Winning again and again ONAROLL
Words after a guess ORSO
___ Bo TAE
___ for the course PAR
___ Raton, Florida BOCA
___-disant (so-called) SOI
___-Roman GRECO