Universal - Sep 27 2019

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Clues Answers
"Become a member today!" JOINNOW
"Crocodile ___" (1986 film) DUNDEE
"Eek!" YIKES
"Enough!" CANIT
"Surely there's more to the story?" AND
"This is SO bad for me!" IMDEAD
1914-18 conflict, for short WWI
Affectionate nickname SWEETIE
Astrological ram ARIES
Bacteria behind many recalls ECOLI
Capital north of Ho Chi Minh City HANOI
Chow chow chow maker IAMS
Columbia or Brown IVY
December letter recipient SANTA
Doorbell prank DINGDONGDITCH
Dramatic sound effect DUNDUNDUN
Ellipsis, informally DOTDOTDOT
Event notification that saves a stamp EVITE
Experiment setting LAB
Fix a rip SEW
Founder of Pittsburgh's state PENN
Gives a PG-13 to, say RATES
Holy ___ Empire ROMAN
Infamous time of March IDES
Insider's lingo JARGON
List-shortening abbr ETC
Loyalty program perks REWARDS
Many times OFTEN
Many twist off LIDS
Mastercard alternative VISA
Met's D.C. rival NAT
Molten rock MAGMA
Nicki who has a feud with Cardi B MINAJ
Not just a challenge DOUBLEDOGDARE
Not prove victorious LOSE
November civic duty VOTING
Clues Answers
Olympics sled LUGE
Pagan religion WICCA
Picnic invaders ANTS
Picture file? TICKETLINE
Popular spring break destination in Mexico CANCUN
Prefix hidden in "wildlife conservation" ECO
Really bothered ATEAT
Removes from a hose reel UNCOILS
Roswell sighting UFO
Scrutinized EYED
Sizable body of water SEA
Solar system octet PLANETS
Sounds of exertion GRUNTS
Space series genre SCIFI
Spiral-shaped pasta ROTINI
Start of a request for an opinion DOYOUTHINK
Superstar's attitude problem EGO
Swear AVOW
Swedish DJ who sang "Wake Me Up" AVICII
Take care of SEETO
Take responsibility for something OWNIT
Tiny fraction of a modern hard drive BYTE
Tofu base SOY
Toy with an "Elevator" trick YOYO
Twisted water out of WRUNG
Venus statue's missing parts? DEMILO
Verb commonly confused with "lay" LIE
Warming winter drink COCOA
Weightiness HEFT
Winter fort material SNOW
Worshipped figure IDOL
___ Babies BEANIE
___ Paulo SAO