New York Times - Sep 27 2019

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Clues Answers
'Indeed' YESIAM
'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree' singer BRENDALEE
'Say hello to ___' (ad slogan of 1998) IMAC
'Sharknado' channel SYFY
Abbr. in an old atlas SSR
Activity for a storm chaser TORNADOTRACKING
Beach pounder SURF
Bottled (up) PENT
Bouncer-turned-TV star MRT
Calculation that may involve pi AREA
Certain Easter candy CHOCOLATERABBIT
Challenge for a mayor URBANDECAY
Choose ELECT
Cooper's creation CASK
Doesn't just whimper SOBS
Eye part UVEA
Fedora material FELT
Fruit with a cedilla in its name ACAI
Give a false impression of eco-friendliness GREENWASH
Hand-held anxiety reliever STRESSBALL
Hip-hop's ___ tha Kyd SYD
Home of Bears Ears National Monument UTAH
Image on the back of a $50 bill USCAPITOL
It gets the party started ICEBREAKER
It holds water PAIL
Italian 'dear' CARA
Johns across the pond IANS
Lay aside PUTBY
Lay aside STORE
Like good cakes and bad cellars MOIST
Little Orphan Annie, e.g WAIF
Local fund-raising grp PTA
Longtime name in cosmetics AVON
Meets (with) INTERFACES
Clues Answers
Need for 7-Down RADAR
Neighbors of the Omaha OTOE
One of seven of ancient Greece SAGE
Outright UTTER
Person put in a box JUROR
Popular caramel candy ROLO
Prefix with -pedic ORTHO
Presenter at Milan Fashion Week GUCCI
Rakes it in MAKESAMINT
Satisfy PLEASE
Schnozz BEAK
Scratches (out) EKES
Shocks ZAPS
Sister of Jupiter CERES
Southwest tribe or river ZUNI
Speech fillers ERS
Sport in a ring SUMO
The world's largest one is in Hubei, China DAM
They lead people underground SUBWAYMAPS
Took turns tackling TAGTEAMED
Traditional crop grown by a small farm, maybe NONGMOCORN
Traditional literary theme or motif TOPOS
Treating badly MEANTO
UPS drivers' assignments: Abbr RTES
What the 'E' of Euler's formula V - E + F = 2 represents EDGES
When most dreams occur REM
Whimper MEWL
Wound up TENSE
[Over here!] PSST
___ Addiction, alternative rock band that headlined the first Lollapalooza JANES
___ Jackson, real name of Ice Cube OSHEA
___ pad LILY