Universal - Sep 26 2019

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Clues Answers
"... ___ perfect Union ..." MORE
"Pet" with seeds CHIA
"Trap Queen" and "Dancing Queen" SONGS
*Fancy hotel convenience ROOMSERVICE
*First Amendment concern (note the starred answers' "Freudian" word chain!) FREEPRESS
*Frontage route SERVICEROAD
*Honking and such ROADNOISE
*Totally quiet NOISEFREE
*White House conference site PRESSROOM
Actress Marisa TOMEI
Adobe file extension PDF
Anteing words IMIN
Appliance that often has a bagel setting TOASTER
Back-to-school night org PTA
Beach trip souvenir? SAND
Bird with a bald variety EAGLE
Black-and-white whale ORCA
Capital west of Stockholm OSLO
Cheap wine brand (GLOBE anagram) BOGLE
Christmas lights site EAVE
Cincinnati-to-Detroit dir NNE
Convection ___ OVEN
Disfigure MAR
Does something about ACTSON
Early sch. type ELEM
Empathizes with RELATESTO
Endorse, as an online form ESIGN
Ermine in summer STOAT
Express disbelief GASP
Eyebrow shapes ARCS
Focusing problem: Abbr ADHD
Game with a body board OPERATION
Grizzly, for one BEAR
Had some beers, say DRANKUP
Harold's cinematic pal KUMAR
He played Shaun in "Shaun of the Dead" SIMONPEGG
Implied GOTAT
Clues Answers
Is unresolved PENDS
Joy on "The View" BEHAR
Kilmer of "Tombstone" VAL
Long, long times EONS
Minnesotan in "The Squad" OMAR
Nevada city with mountain views RENO
No longer working: Abbr RET
P, to Plato RHO
Palindromic joke GAG
Pantry item CAN
Place for rubbish BIN
Poet's "prior to" ERE
Point on Forky's head TINE
Pyromaniac's crime ARSON
Rallies and debates, for politicians EVENTS
Silo weapon, for short ICBM
Sleep aid brand AMBIEN
Spanish friend AMIGO
Stern, for a ship REAR
Strategize PLAN
Study at the last minute CRAM
Sushi eggs ROE
Taken-back autos REPOS
Taking advantage of USING
Telenovelas, e.g DRAMAS
Tennis champion Andre AGASSI
Trousers fabric CHINO
TV go-with, once VCR
U.N. workers' agency ILO
Undoes a change STETS
Western treaty grp OAS
Word aptly contained in "hearing" EAR
Work units ERGS
Yemen's capital SANAA
___ chamber ECHO
___ Loops FROOT