The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27466

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Clues Answers
“Skinny” male swimming with pride EPIDERMAL
A definition — lowering constant speed ALACRITY
A large deer in the midst of very small flies VAMOOSES
A pair of transmitters and convertor safely relocated olfactory nerves
A singular gesture brings delegate ASSIGN
Be sick of entertaining the Spanish premier's wife HELPMATE
Comrades rolling up blue carpet slap down
Deceptively simple forces IMPELS
Force displaying which female MP has issues EMPHASIS
Former knight abandoning leader's standard EXEMPLAR
Get wind of doctor breaking law RUMBLE
Highly inaccurate description of pauper badly-off
Isolated dispatch received by French company in recession EREMITIC
Italian dish from area south of local river supplied POLENTA
Joining a presenter with hardly any foreign capital ADJACENT
Clues Answers
Like croissant idiot picked up and consumed? LUNATE
Notice investment of 50 made to settle account PLAYBILL
Overrule order in stopping assignation DOMINATE
Ring head of state up, showing good judgment RESOUND
Screen test where exposure prevails over justice? show trial
Showy TV full of error, beginning to end TINSELLY
Smoothest tripe served up almost unsurpassed glibbest
Sob stuff from sailor, by the way PATHOS
Specially adapted troops shadowed guards TAILORED
Support holiday deferment STAY
Temporary work on set? ACTING
Tipped favourites look to maintain the pace keep step
Unmask Tories perhaps there and then OUTRIGHT
Using last of inherited money, break the bank DYKE