Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Oct 16 2019

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Clues Answers
'Better Call Saul' network AMC
'It's not — deal!' ABIG
'Suburgatory' actress Gasteyer ANA
'You Send Me' singer SAMCOOKE
Abbr. in an email BCC
Apple mogul Steve JOBS
Author Tolstoy LEO
Bailiwick AREA
Barking mammal SEAL
Brazilian dance SAMBA
Bygone Peruvian INCA
Cagers' gp NBA
Capri's Blue Grotto, and the like SEACAVES
Casual eateries BISTROS
Charged bits IONS
Classic theaters ODEA
College study MAJOR
Con artist SCAMMER
Corn spike EAR
Corp. boss CEO
Dawn goddess EOS
Dross SLAG
Einstein's birthplace ULM
Elmer, to Bugs DOC
Experts PROS
Fly high SOAR
Foundation BED
French cleric ABBE
Govt. lender SBA
Hardly hirsute BALD
Heavens above SKIES
High cards ACES
In the style of ALA
Clues Answers
Infant BABY
Iowa city AMES
Italian port GENOA
Khan title AGA
Lawn party site YARD
Leer at OGLE
List-ending abbr ETAL
Lob's path ARC
Make over REDO
Murphy's — LAW
Nile biter ASP
Nodded off SLEPT
One who can't be criticized SACREDCOW
Photo, for short PIC
Poem of praise ODE
Primary MAIN
Pumpkin relatives GOURDS
Rainbow IRIS
Regret RUE
Rowing need OAR
Skin opening PORE
Sportscaster Albert MARV
Swelled head EGO
Tangy baked potato topping SOURCREAM
Teen hangout MALL
Tizzies SNITS
Tropical tree PALM
Unforeseen problem SNAG
Weaponry ARMS
Wild and crazy MADCAP
— Paulo, Brazil SAO