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Clues Answers
'Go ahead' hand gesture OKSIGN
'It's nobody — business' ELSES
'Let's do this now' ITSTIME
'Stop already!' ENOUGH
'— pronounce you ...' INOW
'— So Fine' (1963 hit) HES
1957 Jimmy Dorsey hit SORARE
39-Down off Scotland IONA
Above, to poets OER
Actor Aziz — ANSARI
Actor Gabe KAPLAN
Actor Romero NED
Actor Romero CESAR
Actress Arcieri or Kenzle LEILA
Add to a database ENTERIN
Alien-seeking proj SETI
Alley — OOP
Anson Williams' role on 'Happy Days' POTSIE
Arizona city MESA
Arty area of NYC SOHO
Ask, as a question POSE
At minimum NOLESS
Bank acct. earnings INT
Best-of-the-best groups ELITES
Blows it ERRS
Blue dye ANIL
Card game with melding CANASTA
Certain wasp HORNET
Chef Emeril LAGASSE
Chewed leaf stimulant BETEL
Comedy bit GAG
Comic actor Jacques TATI
Devoted fan ADORER
Diane who played Helen in 'Troy' KRUGER
Diner patron EATER
Diplomatic agreement ENTENTE
Directive to Danno on 'Hawaii Five-O' BOOKEM
Disturb calm piccolo players? FLUSTERRESTFULFLUTERS
Doc for pets VET
Doorkeeper's purplish-red uniform ID? MAGENTAGATEMANNAMETAG
Dot on an ocean map ISLE
Enshrouds in haze BEFOGS
Exit incline RAMP
Expressed, as a farewell BADE
Filing tool RASP
Fork point TINE
Former div. of Ford MERC
Fr. nun, maybe STE
French actor Delon ALAIN
Give — of approval ASEAL
Glossy paint ENAMEL
Goddess of dawn EOS
Hilo 'hello' ALOHA
Hindu lutes SITARS
Hindu queen RANI
In the recent past OFLATE
Inter — (among others) ALIA
It links England and France CHUNNEL
Jazz legend Fitzgerald ELLA
Letter-shaped tracks in metalworking TSLOTS
Lickable envelope part FLAP
Lit — (univ. course) CRIT
Liza Minnelli's half sister Lorna LUFT
Clues Answers
Lovey stuff ROMANCE
Make certain INSURE
Marsh plants SEDGES
Mattress size TWIN
May 15, e.g IDES
Mental torpor STUPOR
Merrill of old movies DINA
Middle layer of the eye UVEA
Mimicker APER
Misc. abbr ETC
Mom's sis AUNTIE
More acute KEENER
More sickly-looking buccaneers wander around? PASTIERPIRATESTRAIPSE
Moreno of film RITA
Most agile men of the cloth persevere? SPRIESTPRIESTSPERSIST
Mr., in Berlin HERR
Munich's state BAVARIA
Needlefishes GARS
Neighbor of a Syrian ISRAELI
Neutrogena shampoo brand TGEL
Noisy baby toys make an aspiring actress jump? RATTLESSTARTLESTARLET
Old Russian autocrats TSARS
Opera tune ARIA
Operating room knives LANCETS
Pre- — (replace) EMPT
Prof's aides TAS
Punta del —, Uruguay ESTE
Rage IRE
Recounted TOLD
Related to fat, in biochemistry LIPOID
Remove a lasso from, e.g UNLOOP
Retina part MACULA
Rival of AOL MSN
Rival of Bing GOOGLE
River through the Carolinas PEEDEE
Riverbed deposits SILTS
Sabres' gp NHL
Salk vaccine target POLIO
Saw things while asleep DREAMT
Say to be so AVER
Scottish turndowns NAES
Series of gigs TOUR
Shift, as attention DIVERT
Shows where a few food-industry calves are hiding? REVEALSSEVERALVEALERS
Silverstein of kiddie lit SHEL
Singer Wilson with the 1977 hit 'Telephone Man' MERI
Softhearted GENTLE
Splashes liquid on SLOPS
Spoken exams ORALS
Suffix of sugars OSE
Summits TOPS
Swimsuit brand SPEEDO
Threw away the most rigid filaments? TRASHEDHARDESTTHREADS
Tiny bits IOTAS
Tiny drink SIP
To be, to Nero ESSE
Verbal quirk from the 43rd U.S. president BUSHISM
Waist size GIRTH
Wall Street market inits NYSE
Water, in Peru AGUA
Workweek ender FRIDAY
Yale attendees ELIS
— loss ATA
— Na Na SHA
— terrier (Toto, e.g.) CAIRN
— torch (luau light) TIKI