Universal - Sep 25 2019

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Clues Answers
"Be there soon!" INASEC
"In memoriam" bio OBIT
"Quickly!" ASAP
"This round's ___!" ONME
"___ Bird" (2017 Saoirse Ronan film) LADY
& & & ANDS
(As originally written) SIC
4:1, e.g ODDS
Activity for a couple of couples DOUBLEDATING
Agriculture or Energy: Abbr DEPT
Apollo 11 org NASA
ATM charge FEE
Basketball rim attachment NET
Blunders ERRS
Cap edge BRIM
Catch on a nail, say SNAG
Challenge DARE
Clarinet, e.g REED
Cooked up MADE
Covered in flowers ABLOOM
Editor's "Never mind" STET
Elected (to) OPTED
Exclamation after using a scratch-off, maybe IWON
Fireside treat SMORE
Fly high SOAR
Futbol cry OLE
Grasshopper's counterpart, in an Aesop fable ANT
Green prefix ECO
Has to have NEEDS
How to rock a baby GENTLY
Indiana industrial center GARY
Jackson 5 hairdo AFRO
Kathmandu resident NEPALI
Knee part that Lindsey Vonn tore, briefly ACL
Lacking a musical key ATONAL
Like a crossing guard's vest NEON
Like many drafts ROUGH
Like some families SINGLEPARENT
Major star BIGNAME
Clues Answers
Many a Hawkeyes fan IOWAN
Mayor ___ (2020 candidate, informally) PETE
Motorola cellphone RAZR
Multiskilled talent TRIPLETHREAT
Mysterious Himalayan creature YETI
Nebraska native OTOE
Note down LOG
Olympic gymnast Raisman ALY
On land ASHORE
Overplay a part EMOTE
Poem portion STANZA
Pooh's sad pal EEYORE
Post-revolution period NEWERA
Pothead STONER
Prayer ending AMEN
Prescriptions, for short MEDS
Repair MEND
Richard's veep SPIRO
Roald who wrote "Matilda" DAHL
Sandwich also known as a hoagie HERO
Service groups? TEASETS
Slender instrument OBOE
Sunni prayer leader IMAM
Surplus GLUT
Thor's weapon HAMMER
Toon who loves Lard Lad Donuts HOMERSIMPSON
Tourist's leader GUIDE
Trendy bowl type ACAI
Tried to get elected RAN
Use a Kindle READ
Volunteer's words IWILL
Wanted poster letters AKA
White piece of Mr. Potato Head ARM
Without principles AMORAL
Worldwide singing franchise, to fans IDOL
Worshipper with a turban SIKH
___ Beta Kappa PHI
___ Wednesday ASH