USA Today - Nov 19 2019

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Clues Answers
'Must-see' review RAVE
'The Cradle of Texas Liberty' ALAMO
'Understood!' IGETIT
2010 Apple debut IPAD
ACL injury site KNEE
Adversary of Ness CAPONE
Alluring plea to Odysseus SIRENSONG
Aromatherapy spot SPA
Au pairs' charges TOTS
Beer buy CASE
Boss's terse summons SEEME
Branch-breaking wind GALE
Brief campaign appearance WHISTLESTOP
Bunker filler SAND
Campus honchos DEANS
Causing the willies EERIE
Contract details TERMS
Cops' collars, informally PERPS
Curbs, with 'in' REINS
Currency before the euro LIRA
Cuzco dweller of old INCA
Dracula's title COUNT
Expensive binge, probably SPREE
Fitbit measure PACE
Fitzgerald with many Grammys ELLA
Garden store bagful SOIL
Garfield licker ODIE
Get delayed LOSETIME
Gives a boost to AIDS
Historic exile isle ELBA
Hothead's emotion IRE
In the know about UPON
Install, as a new senator SEAT
Introduces impurities to TAINTS
Just ___ (slightly) ATAD
Like much testimony ORAL
Like NFL linemen HUGE
Loads of bunk TALES
McCain's running mate PALIN
Clues Answers
Morse code plea, once SOS
Motorized two-wheeler of sorts EBIKE
Much of a roadie's haul AMPS
Not missing a trick ALERT
Not simulated ACTUAL
Ointment container TUBE
Org. hunting Jason Bourne CIA
Part of the band Chicago HORNSECTION
Pasta's origin, according to legend CHINA
Pinch pennies SKIMP
Place to hibernate LAIR
Plotting group CABAL
Polo of 'Meet the Parents' TERI
Pop the cork from OPEN
Portion out ALLOT
Potato used for fries RUSSET
Publicist's distortion SPIN
Put the kibosh on END
Rifle barrel mounts SCOPES
Right on the map EAST
Rural dance locale BARN
Sherwin-Williams layer COAT
Shoreline phenomena TIDES
Shovel coal into STOKE
Show disdain for SCORN
Show grief, perhaps WEEP
Sneeze guard, essentially SHIELD
Statistician's graph shape BELLCURVE
Surprise ending TWIST
Target of a spanking REAR
The John B of song, e.g SLOOP
The things you're good at SKILLSET
Unlike moonshine, typically AGED
Up and about AWAKE
Visit, say SHOP
Walk wearily TRUDGE
Was a tattletale TOLD
Where Fey lampooned 53-Across SNL
Wrap for leftovers SARAN