USA Today - Nov 14 2019

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Clues Answers
'Dr.' who wrote 'Hop on Pop' SEUSS
'Life of Pi' director Lee ANG
'Mr. Robot' network USA
'My Fair Lady' lead ELIZA
'Not to worry!' IMOKAY
'That ___ then . . .' WAS
'Who knew?' GEE
45-Down vehicle VAN
Afghanistan neighbor IRAN
Andean capital LIMA
Annie of comics, e.g ORPHAN
Bagel feature HOLE
Baseball bat wood ASH
Bausch & ___ contact lenses LOMB
Biceps builders CURLS
Bride's title, perhaps MRS
Brought on board HIRED
Burn a bit SINGE
Butter maker CHURN
Canasta combo MELD
Canterbury parent MUM
Canterbury's county KENT
Cell provider's graphic COVERAGEMAP
Colleague of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh ALITO
Completely surrounds HEMSIN
Conference room events MEETINGS
Denver omelet need HAM
Details-oriented political staffer POLICYWONK
Did some needlepoint STITCHED
Dimwit's lack SENSE
Dive shop inventory TANKS
DIY mover's rental UHAUL
Does a banker's job LENDS
Epic fails FIASCOS
Faux ___ (blunder) PAS
Globs of gum WADS
Go from base to peak CLIMB
Goatee spot CHIN
Gold rush outlaw CLAIMJUMPER
Clues Answers
Hail of gunfire BARRAGE
High-priced fuel PREMIUMGAS
In any way ATALL
Le Duc Tho's capital HANOI
Left ventricle outlet AORTA
Lifeboat on a yacht DINGHY
Like many summertime quaffs ICED
Losing streak SKID
Lucy of 'Set It Up' LIU
Made a meal of HAD
Marble or billiard ball ORB
Of current interest TOPICAL
Old Testament book before Joel HOSEA
Omega, to a physicist OHM
One of Pittsburgh's three rivers OHIO
Pay close attention TAKENOTE
Pete Seeger's genre FOLK
Pint-sized DINKY
Poignant parting FAREWELL
Prepare for a cruise PACK
Quote as a source CITE
Red hair, freckles, etc TRAITS
Rolling in it RICH
Simple abode HUT
Some all-you-can-eat fare SALAD
Stayed out of sight LURKED
Steal passwords, e.g PHISH
Stool pigeons FINKS
Stupefied state DAZE
Succulent plant ALOE
Surrounded by AMID
Took by force USURPED
Way to the WWW ISP
Weld or yoke, e.g JOIN
Work out in the ring SPAR
World Cup cheer OLE
___ Paul guitars LES