USA Today - Nov 12 2019

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Clues Answers
'Bon voyage!' place PIER
'Rush' director Howard RON
'Stop jabbering!' ZIPYOURLIP
9Lives eater CAT
Affluent semirural area EXURB
Amherst campus, briefly UMASS
Amusement park cry WHEE
Anti-anxiety drug XANAX
Armstrong's 'giant' move LEAP
Bait bucket critter WORM
Balky brayer MULE
Barely grilled RARE
Barroom brawl, e.g MELEE
Big mo. for costume sales OCT
Borrow the limit on MAXOUT
Camel's Andean cousin LLAMA
Choose to skip OMIT
Coffee shop allure AROMA
Conifer with durable wood LARCH
Cry from a crib MAMA
Cut off from escape HEMIN
Darkness-causing event SOLARECLIPSE
Defining period ERA
Deposed Argentine leader PERON
Difficult jump, on the ice AXEL
Diner bill add-on TIP
Dubuque's home IOWA
Elite English school ETON
Emeril's 'kick it up' unit NOTCH
Evian competitor FIJI
Fellow in a flock RAM
Give 40 lashes to, say FLOG
Greek eatery bread PITA
Half hitch feature LOOP
Halloween birds OWLS
Homes for hornets NESTS
Horn for Bird or Trane SAX
Immunizing fluid SERUM
iPhone's helper SIRI
Clues Answers
Jelly on a canned ham ASPIC
Kitchen spray brand PAM
Kittens' bites NIPS
Letter before gamma BETA
Like small-eared elephants ASIAN
Linus, to Charlie Brown PAL
Makes into croutons, say TOASTS
Margarita option NOSALT
Modest texter's 'I think . . .' IMHO
Much-shared video, e.g MEME
November birthstone TOPAZ
Offer forbidden fruit to TEMPT
Pale or dark pints ALES
Path to a pew AISLE
Place for a folder label TAB
Place to deplane GATE
Political college member ELECTOR
Pounded-out flaw, perhaps DENT
Puffs product TISSUE
Really steamed IRATE
Rude awakening JOLT
Salary caps, e.g LIMITS
Salon job, for short PERM
Seance contact SPIRIT
Securers with three bends PAPERCLIPS
Send via antenna, say EMIT
Shed roof metal TIN
Shot from an apron CHIP
Showed to a seat USHERED
Strands in winter, perhaps ICESIN
Tests without pens ORALS
Tiny troublemaker IMP
Tom Arnold ex Roseanne BARR
Took one's turn WENT
Uses shears on SNIPS
Watermelon marking STRIPE
Willie with 660 homers MAYS
Wine flute part STEM
Words after an interruption NOWWHEREWASI