The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,164 - Sep 24 2019

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Clues Answers
50% grey? That is female's misery GRIEF
Articles -- what might be accomplished by university research FEATURES
Beer keeping Romeo bigger LARGER
Canine inspectors end its barking before test, oddly DENTISTS
Conservative pulled to pieces their sarcastic qualities CHARACTERISTICS
Country upset? Not Italy, editor guaranteed ASSURED
Court's times DATES
Deadly charm, fulsome to some extent HARMFUL
Dog dropping black bird EAGLE
Film supporting revolutionary drug dealer? CHEMIST
Following behind the Queen AFTER
Gadfly nearly eating every fruit PEACHES
Home's endless criticism after arched roof DOMESTIC
In the countryside right next to river RURAL
Large jug for US sportsperson? PITCHER
Clues Answers
Money that's earned perhaps crossing city with Republican SALARY
Monster challenging son where to find fruit? ORCHARDS
Mouse retreating on flower SHRINKINGVIOLET
Outer pane smashed, cutting tail of Great Dane? EUROPEAN
Player's foul in a miscue, almost MUSICIAN
Relax by lake -- appropriate place for a painting EASEL
Responses from moving copyright in designs REACTIONS
Save passage from book, right away EXCEPT
Student left with one who's 27 LEARNER
Tailor sets rules -- no uniform is itchy RESTLESS
Tattoos lifted American's kudos STATUS
Tell raver off -- one could be tripping TRAVELLER
Think about working with team leader in retail CONSIDER
Tramps pinching hospital clothes THREADS
Water, perhaps -- a small amount ELEMENT