The Washington Post - Sep 24 2019

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Clues Answers
'Big Little Lies' actress Meryl STREEP
'Norwegian Dances' composer GRIEG
'Veronica __': teen drama starring Kristen Bell MARS
'What'll ya __?' HAVE
220-by-198-foot plot of land, e.g ACRE
A step above 'meh' DECENT
Ancient Cuzco dweller INCA
Animal skins PELTS
Auctioneer's cry after the starts of 20-, 36- and 49-Across SOLD
Author __ Stanley Gardner ERLE
Beach toy PAIL
Beach toy for a windy day KITE
Booking on a band's tour GIG
Brings to maturity AGES
Canyon feedback ECHO
CBS Sports NFL analyst Tony ROMO
Celebrate boisterously REVEL
Chess piece involved in castling ROOK
Come into view EMERGE
Conference-goer ATTENDEE
Disapproving look STINKEYE
Elevator passage SHAFT
Enjoy some tub time SOAK
Farsi speaker IRANI
Field & __ Magazine STREAM
Former House leader Gingrich NEWT
Frenzied way to run AMOK
From the start ANEW
Hosp. diagnostic procedure MRI
In a plentiful way AMPLY
Information technology giant UNISYS
Jamaican music SKA
Kayak-like boat CANOE
Legendary crooner Mel TORME
Like good pie crusts FLAKY
Clues Answers
Like many a stained shirt pocket INKY
More than a few MANY
Newsroom station DESK
Not that THIS
NYC cultural center MOMA
Octopus octet ARMS
Ones habitually hanging out in retail complexes MALLRATS
Opera song for one ARIA
Oyster gem PEARL
Painful joint inflammation GOUT
Plants-to-be SEEDS
Prefix meaning 'all' OMNI
Primary competitor RIVAL
Read electronically SCAN
Remove paint from STRIP
Road curves BENDS
Scientifically engineered crops, e.g., briefly GMOS
Seeking an Olympic victory GOINGFORTHEGOLD
Shakespearean contraction TWERE
Small music ensembles TRIOS
Smelting waste DROSS
Spanish newborns BEBES
Stand in for ACTAS
State unequivocally AVER
Stuck (on) HUNGUP
Tacked on ADDED
Tax-free govt. bond MUNI
Tel Aviv residents ISRAELIS
To be, in Tours ETRE
Urge on GOAD
Utter nonsense TRIPE
Visibly awed AGOG
Welsh herding dogs CORGIS
White lie FIB
Zither-like Japanese instrument KOTO
__ and file RANK