- Sep 24 2019

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Clues Answers
''Here we are!'' ITSUS
''Here's to you!,'' for example TOAST
''In what place?'' WHERE
''Single'' prefix for cycle UNI
''__ only known!'' HADI
Act boldly DARE
Actor Alda ALAN
All by oneself ALONE
Appliance for baking OVEN
Assist in wrongdoing ABET
Baby dog PUP
Bar bill TAB
Big Apple baseballer YANKEE
Big marching-band instruments TUBAS
Brief halt PAUSE
Brief summons from a boss SEEME
Bring upon oneself INCUR
British brews ALES
Bubble-making chew GUM
Burn slightly SINGE
Cause a delay for HOLDUP
Ceremonial act RITE
Chinese restaurant beverage TEA
Cob of corn EAR
Defy the __ gravity LAWOF
Driveway coating TAR
Dull in color DRAB
Fall very rapidly SINKLIKEASTONE
Fall, as a fork from a table DROPTOTHEFLOOR
Fall, as a tightrope walker LOSEONESBALANCE
Forbidden TABOO
French cap BERET
Fully accurate TRUE
Genesis paradise EDEN
Get dressed for the game SUITUP
Half a sextet TRIO
Has a meal EATS
Hawaiian instruments, for short UKES
HELLO MY __ IS (tag phrase) NAME
Clues Answers
Hydrant attachment HOSE
Icy rain SLEET
Idea's foundation BASIS
Italy's capital, to natives ROMA
Ladder rungs STEPS
Lift to one's self-esteem EGOBOOST
Metallic rocks ORES
Mexican lizard IGUANA
Mistake ERROR
Natural burn soother ALOE
Passport stamps VISAS
Political alliance PACT
Prolonged attack SIEGE
Rancher's rope LASSO
Rescues SAVES
Sailor's shout AHOY
School kids' ride BUS
Shirt worn with jeans TEE
Skillet or wok PAN
Snaky shape ESS
Source of ancient fables AESOP
Stumbling block SNAG
Take a chair SIT
Take a timeout REST
Tennis or soccer SPORT
Tex-Mex chip dip SALSA
They grow from acorns OAKS
Underground coal source MINE
Unhappy spectator's shout BOO
Volcanic rock LAVA
Walkway between floors STAIR
Whisper for attention PSST
Wide scenic view PANORAMA
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Word-of-mouth ORAL
Yellowstone National __ PARK
__ Baba (40 thieves' adversary) ALI
__ in handy (be useful) COME