The New Yorker - Sep 23 2019

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Clues Answers
"Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?" memoirist ROZCHAST
"I love," to Ovid AMO
"It's the end of the world ___ know it": R.E.M ASWE
"Love Me, I'm a Liberal" folksinger OCHS
"The Evil Dead" director RAIMI
"Who ya ___ call? (Ghostbusters!)" GONNA
2019 documentary about San Quentin State Prison's hoops team QBALL
Acquired things? TASTES
Beach-club rental CABANA
Black ___ OPS
Bow counterpart STERN
British titles EARLS
Cheerleading syllable RAH
Cinematic city with a buffalo for a police chief and a lion for a mayor ZOOTOPIA
Claudius, to Hamlet STEPDAD
Den ___ (Dutch seat of government) HAAG
Devil's moniker EVILONE
Div. for the Braves and Marlins NLEAST
Egg containers CRATES
Entreaties PLEAS
Felt awful AILED
Genre of "Veep" and "The Office" CRINGECOMEDY
Gets fresh with SASSES
Guys from Glasgow SCOTSMEN
He directed Charlton in "Touch of Evil" ORSON
Heart-shaped philodendron features LEAVES
Intention AIM
Irish tenor and former Paralympic athlete Ronan ___ TYNAN
It's a joke GAG
It's built in most Hitchcock films SUSPENSE
Kilmer of "Tombstone" VAL
Letters atop some e-mails BCC
Like grunt work MENIAL
Like some interviews ONCAMERA
Clues Answers
Lipstick container or drinking straw, e.g CYLINDER
Mac platform with versions named after big cats OSX
Many an M.I.T. grad ENGR
Matter, in law RES
Measure out ALLOT
MSN, for one ISP
Old PC monitors CRTS
Outdoor roasting spot, briefly BBQPIT
Outrageousness ENORMITY
Per Zora Neale Hurston, it's "poking and prying with a purpose" RESEARCH
Perilous Old Testament site LIONSDEN
Peruvian soprano Sumac YMA
Place for a tattoo PARLOR
Poker stake ANTE
Queue before Q NOP
Raphael's "The Meeting between Leo the Great and ___" ATTILA
Religion with a Nineteen-Day Fast BAHAI
Ring-shaped coral reefs ATOLLS
Rover's doc VET
Scoreboard stats PTS
Some N.Y.P.D. officers LTS
Takes sides? EATS
Texter's "carpe diem" YOLO
They retain heat? HOLSTERS
Throw water on DOUSE
Undo, as a law REPEAL
Upper part of a barn HAYMOW
What a successful life coach does EMPOWERS
Wig-wearing "Chandelier" performer SIA
Winning digital displays? VSIGNS
World Cup chant OLEOLE
___ disco, genre for Giorgio Moroder ITALO
___ Victory (Lord Nelson's ship) HMS