- Sep 23 2019

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Clues Answers
''Half'' prefix for final SEMI
''How terrible!'' OHNO
''I agree'' YES
''Of course!'' SURE
''So delicious!'' YUMYUM
''Talk turkey'' or ''Chicken out'' IDIOM
''That's a shame!'' ALAS
A Great Lake ERIE
A long way off AFAR
Acquire, as expenses INCUR
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Advise strongly URGE
Allows LETS
Artery from the heart AORTA
Attorney's expertise LAW
Baby deer FAWN
Baseball great Babe __ RUTH
Basic exam from a doctor ROUTINEPHYSICAL
Basic good manners COMMONCOURTESY
Basic job for a barber REGULARHAIRCUT
Beef or pork MEAT
Boyfriend BEAU
Bubble __ (packer's cushioning) WRAP
Butter portion PAT
Cleveland's state OHIO
Color of rubies RED
Colt's mother MARE
Computer purchaser USER
Concealed HID
Deceptive tactic RUSE
Discontinue CEASE
Faucet drip LEAK
Fishing line holders REELS
Flower stalk STEM
Fuel efficiency no MPG
Gabs too much YAKS
Give a title to NAME
Golf peg TEE
Grand scale film EPIC
Clues Answers
High-ranking naval officers: Abbr ADMS
Highway paths LANES
In the thick of AMID
Kindergarten basics ABCS
Kingdom REALM
Lopsided victory ROMP
Massage, as bread dough KNEAD
Minor fender damage DENT
Narrowly defeated EDGED
Neck of the woods AREA
Notion IDEA
Optimistic feeling HOPE
Part of a necklace chain LINK
Pied __ (legendary rat remover) PIPER
Placed in the mail SENT
Play's performing group CAST
Restaurant's listing MENU
Secret writing CODE
Serene CALM
Simple EASY
Small tree branch TWIG
Spanish cheers OLES
Speedometer or odometer GAUGE
Spooky EERIE
Starting poker stake ANTE
Store's customer PATRON
Story that might be ''tall'' TALE
The middle of 24 Across PER
Throat-clearing sound AHEM
Tree with acorns OAK
Try to delay STALL
Twosome PAIR
Ultimately become ENDUP
Unlock OPEN
Vehicle ridden on snow SLED
Walks wearily PLODS
Where clouds form SKY
__ Dane (large dog) GREAT
__ Pan (Neverland flyer) PETER