The Washington Post - Sep 23 2019

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Clues Answers
'Bob's Burgers' daughter TINA
'God' prefix THEO
'I'm there!' ... and hint to the first part of the answers to starred clues ITSADATE
'Quite contrary' gardener MARY
'Smooth Operator' singer SADE
'The doctor __' ISIN
'The Simpsons' disco guy STU
'¿Cómo __ usted?' ESTA
*Fiduciary entity whose holdings are unknown to its beneficiaries BLINDTRUST
*Life insurance clause specifying twice the payment for certain situations DOUBLEINDEMNITY
*Wet wooded region RAINFOREST
*Zero degrees, on a compass DUENORTH
Actress Charlotte RAE
And others, in Lat ETAL
Author Asimov ISAAC
Author Roald DAHL
Baker's dough raiser YEAST
Ballerinas dance on them TOES
Before, in verse ERE
Bert's Muppet roommate ERNIE
Bowler's challenge SPLIT
Campus housing DORM
Ceremonial shoulder-to-hip band SASH
Deli hanger SALAMI
Dog guide LEASH
Early stage ONSET
Editor's 'never mind that change' STET
Exist ARE
Fictional reporter Lois LANE
Film in which Streisand plays a yeshiva boy YENTL
French 'head' TETE
French farewell ADIEU
Friend of Maria in 'West Side Story' ANITA
Gateway Arch designer Saarinen EERO
Geeky-sounding candy NERDS
Helped AIDED
Honey alternative DEAR
Ice show venues RINKS
Japanese rolls SUSHI
Jekyll's alter ego HYDE
Clues Answers
Kerfuffles ADOS
Knight's lady DAME
Lab vessel VIAL
Lima is its capital PERU
Looks for SEEKS
Lummox LOUT
Makes a mistake ERRS
Many 'Star Trek' extras ETS
Mars explorer ROVER
More, for Miguel MAS
Mythical big bird ROC
Newspapers, collectively PRESS
NYC summer hrs EDT
Octet count EIGHT
Opulent home ESTATE
Paris currency EURO
Peevish state SNIT
Pot starter ANTE
Pre-holiday nights EVES
Provocative RACY
Radamès in 36-Down, e.g TENOR
Rearward at sea AFT
Resting upon ATOP
River in western Belgium YSER
Rivière contents EAU
Sac fly stat RBI
Singer Adams EDIE
Singer Furtado NELLY
Singer Tormé MEL
Snow glider SLED
Sun-dried brick ADOBE
Sunken ship explorer DIVER
Swiped STOLE
Therefore ERGO
Tiny bit of a min NSEC
Usage measurer METER
Verdi opera AIDA
Wild West film OATER
__ of a kind ONE
__ The Museum: Stockholm exhibit honoring a pop group ABBA