Family Time - Sep 23 2019

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Clues Answers
"Adopt" attachment ION
"Survivor" immunity token IDOL
"Well, ___-di-dah!" LAH
"___ o' the mornin'" TOP
112.5 degrees away from S ENE
Am for a group? ARE
Barbie's buddy KEN
Be sore ACHE
Beef and egg dish eaten raw STEAKTARTARE
Black, poetically EBON
Cause of rash decisions HASTE
Coffee vessel URN
Collect slowly GLEAN
Commit matrimony WED
Common download APP
Common fuel GAS
Convenient motorcycle accessory SIDECAR
Cook chicken, in a way FRY
Copy a crow CAW
Creation of 8-Across MEAL
Culinary expert CHEF
Dart team's practice place, perhaps PUB
Detect aurally HEAR
Double-dipping is a double one NONO
Elf-sized WEE
Email attachment, cut PIC
Extremely stressful NERVERACKING
Give no stars to PAN
Glacier part where the snow turns to ice NEVE
Great fury RAGE
Gun it in neutral REV
Hawaiian Punch alternative HIC
Hearth condition, often ASHY
Clues Answers
Horse-donkey hybrid HINNY
Indefinite large number MANY
It can be cured HAM
James Bond's occupation SPY
Jet variety LEAR
Killer whale ORCA
Letters clocks are set by? GMT
Like a good watch TICKING
Like a stereotypical barn RED
Manhandled PAWED
Mongolian desert GOBI
Much-read article? THE
Non-PC Fed agent GMAN
Old-style prefix for "while" ERST
Purchase plan LAYAWAY
Root eaten in Hawaiian cuisine TARO
Same as before, in footnotes IDEM
Secluded valley GLEN
Simple EASY
Slacken (with "up") EASE
Some extinct flightless birds MOAS
Something to hum SONG
Soprano's solo ARIA
Spectacular star NOVA
Tear with effort RIP
Thing offering a great view ALP
To whom with love in a film title? SIR
Twist, as one's hands WRING
Unknown quote source, for short ANON
Vacuum and dust, e.g CLEAN
Way to row a boat, in song MERRILY
What we all do year after year AGE
Young man, really BOY